Sunday, 17 June 2012


Hey guys!
So, today, since it's Father's Day, my dad brought us all to Miri. Well, most Bruneians, especially those from Kuala Belait, often spend time with their family members by going to Bandar or Miri, either to catch a movie or just shopping. Bandar, the capital, is about an hour and a half's (or less, depends on your car.xD) journey from KB. And Miri, takes about an hour, if there's completely no traffic, it could be less than that.
We went to Popular book store at Parkson (Bintang MegaMall) and I met Wiagil and her sister Widya. I saw my ex-classmate and best friend Christina too, with her family as they ascended the escalators to the highest floor after we descended FROM the highest floor. I also saw my ex-English teacher Mdm. Yong with her daughter Cynthia and her husband crossing a pedestrian. 
I also saw the twins David & Daniel at Popular. And my mum met her old friend.

And after that we went to eat seafood at Meng Chai restaurant which was located by the roadside. And my dad had told me that around seven-thirty or earlier every night, the whole restaurant would be crowded with people.

We ate 'giant' prawns, some random plate of veggie (I never pay attention to veggies, sorry veggie :P), 'bamboo' clams in curry sauce and fresh fish. It wasn't enough to fill up my tummy so after eating dinner there, we headed to the Desserts shop located in town, a rather huge area with tons of Kopitiam (Coffee shops), stalls and stuff like that. 
Desserts sell the best ice-creams! You should try the Cookie-&-Cream flavoured ice-cream. It's fresh and creamy and mmmlicious!
As me, my sis & my mum enjoy a scoop of ice-cream and cone each in the car, my dad drove us back to Kuala Belait.

Here are the books I bought at Popular:

Catching The Sun by Tony Parsons is a story about a family having a little getaway to the island of Phuket in Thailand, thinking that they would find 'paradise' there but it turned out to be the other way round. I flipped through the book and saw that it has positive reviews from the Sunday Telegraph, New York Times and etc. So I decided to buy it!

Jasmine Skies by Indian author Sita Brahmachari won the Carnegie Medal, and many other awards particularly regarding children's book awards. 
I decided to buy it because 1)The cover was attractive. 
2) The text inside was just the right size, and I don't like books that have small texts. They're just so hard to read for me.
3) This book won the Carnegie Medal, I know many other books did too but not ALL & EVERY book did! So it proves that this book IS good. It has lots of positive reviews too. And she's a bestselling author (Same goes for Tony Parsons!)

I guess it was a huge mistake for me to buy the Shiver Trilogy, which has three books. When I was at Popular, it was wrapped in plastic and we're unable to rip the plastic open, of course. So I guess today I judged a book from it's cover. These three books contains romance and is about werewolves. == Ughh. I hid it in a box in my room just in case my parents found it or something. 

That's all I have to say for today. Thanks for reading, guys!
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Lastly, arigatou ;)) and farewell until my next entry!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Listen Or Regret.

It's an unfortunate thing that not many of you guys heard of the band The Cab. Last year they recently released their new album Symphony Soldier and a few of their singles ROCK ;).

The Cab- Endlessly (Co-written by Bruno Mars) 
One of the best songs by them! ^_^ And I'm still in love with this.
This song sorts of describe a guy saying that he isn't that rich or affordable to get EVERYTHING for the girl he long dreamed and awaits for. But he just hopes that this girl appreciates his love. This song is so meaningful.
Especially these parts:
"There's a shop down the street,
where they sell plastic rings,
For the quarter apiece,
I swear it.
Look I know that it's cheap,
not like gold in your dreams,
But I hope that you'll still wear it."

"There's a house on the hill,
with the view of the town,
and I know how you adore it.
So I'll work everyday,
through the sun and the rain,
until I can afford it."

Touching if a guy sings this to you? ;D HAHAHA. YES. TOUCHING.

The Cab- Angel With A Shotgun (One of their best singles)
I LOVE THIS SOSOSOSOSOSO MUCH! Even though I got so bored of listening to it non-stop for continuous hours each day. But not today. I've got bored to the core. I'm now addicted to the next song by The Cab that I shall introduce. 
So, My Wattpad story (Wattpad is a place where people show their potential in writing and share their stories) title Angel With A Shotgun, is about war, and it's based on this song as well! 
So, I could as well say that...
I'm terribly sorry Directioners, but I 100% agree that their band is better. And don't argue with me because I'm speaking out my opinion. It's just that The Cab doesn't have as much publicity as One Direction gets. And plus I know the One Direction guys are wayyyyy far moreeee good-looking. So that's also a reason why.

So this is the song I mentioned previously that I am currently addicted to! This is one of their best singles too.
When I was on Youtube reviewing this video and stuff, as I scrolled down, one of the top comments said:
"Animal- Co-written by Adam Levine
 Endlessly- Co-written by Bruno Mars
 Angel With A Shotgun & Bad- Their best singles"
True Story.
But Endlessly was also a GREAT song. 
Animal is too...well 'wild', maybe?

When I asked my friends, among all The Cab's songs, they love this the most. For me, at that time, I was still in love with their Angel With A Shotgun song. So I did sort of disagreed to them on my opinion. Haha.
This song is rather catchy too. And I did not say that I'm not in love with it.

This is ONE OF MY FAVOURITES! Wait-no, huh?- They are all my favourites actually. I honestly, can't pick the best. 

You guys MUST listen to all these songs above that I had recommended, all sang by the same & amazing band, The Cab!
I'm dedicating all these songs above (Maybe except for Bad & La La), to my story in Wattpad Angel With A Shotgun. These songs are going to be dedicated to my characters, and Angel With A Shotgun will be dedicated to my WHOLE story, the rest I leave for the characters.
Psst, here's a spoiler: Living Louder will be dedicated to one of my characters (Guess: Girl or guy?) when she/he DIES. 
And...the rest are for you to feel clueless about and guess! ;)

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Thank you loves! Bye!

Four Hours.

Hello people :D
I quite missed blogging since I've spent so much time sharing my story on Wattpad, and I officially published my second latest story, it's a collaboration of Sci-Fi and romance. It's a story about war. Check out my Wattpad on my Google+ profile. 
It would help me a lot if you could read my story, and I know I don't have an extremely high command of English. But I hope that'd be okay for you guys.
On Friday, 9th of June, I went to my bestie Amril's home.
Since it's a day before my most awaited moment (HOLIDAYS (:<), we could easily sit back and relax. Fiyah came along too, and it's great to see her again even if I just went over to her house for a group study a day ago on Thursday. 

At first, we literally had no idea of what to do. We just sat on a mattress in her 16 degree Celcius room and chit-chatted. 

Before Fiyah came, Amril showed me some of the books she and her sister had bought at the SMSA Bookfair last Sunday & Saturday.
And since I haven't used my Lumix camera for quite a while, I snapped some random shots of her stuff and some plushies.
And this is Amril's Canon Powershot G12.

We got quite bored as we waited for Fiyah to come so Amril read me out some funny quotes and rules about stray cats from a book called The Cat Fanatic which is pictured above. 
And leaning on her head is her Build-A-Bearville teddy bear named Muffin!

After Fiyah arrived, we took some random photos before heading outside to see Amril's cats and walk around her house.


Meet Momo! The oldest (and is a young grandma cat) cat in Amril's household. She loves taking afternoon naps in Amril's mother's facial room on the sofa, as you can see on the photo above. She's really adorable and quite lovable, too!
But you can pat and stroke her fur on some certain times because sometimes she goes into a bad mood and hisses.
She has two daughters, yeah, daughter cats, the others were all given away and her two remaining adult daughters are named Cit-Cit and Ubi. 
Cit-Cit's eyes are yellowish-golden. Her body is grey and brownish with nice stripes. Amril loves her the most because you can simply cuddle her anytime you want or feel like! But she doesn't like being taken in pictures, and those 'Snap!Snap!' sounds of the cameras quite annoy here, judging from what Amril had told me and a small, short experience too.
Ubi is shy, cuddly and fat! She's very cute and I love her a lot. She is white in colour with black spots all around her body, head and tail! She has gorgeous green eyes.
This black cat is Silky! She is either Cit-Cit or Ubi's daughter (Amril had forgotten). She has slightly thick fur compared to the other cats in the household and she's perhaps, as fat as Ubi! And her tail is fluffy! 

There's still quite a few more of cats but I haven't took any photos of them because either my camera wasn't with me at that time or something else :P.
We walked to a next door house where Amril's relative owns it (So it's okay to walk aroudn the area) and I was being random again, snapping more photos.
Me, Fiyah and Amril had a group photo before heading back into the house and playing a game of dare. Whoever laughs will have to complete a dare. And I was the first one to laugh and I had to fulfill an extremely hilarious but stupid dare. Next was Afiyah's, and Amril's one, she had to dance while Fiyah played Wannabe by the Spice Girls.
She didn't dance. She practically sat on the bed and did some 'hand' moves and roll around or something. Haha.

That was most of what we did for four hours at Amril's crib. The photos above are taken by my Lumix, whereas most of the nice and awesome photos were taken by Fiyah's Nikon and Amril's Canon. But I have no idea when will they donate their photos to me >< HAHA! I guess that's all about that marvelous day! 

See you around, readers & bloggers & randomers.

My Facebook account forever remains private but I guess it's damn easy for you guys to find me on Google's search. ._. But I will never add strangers. 


My addiction used to be blogging.'s all about Wattpad! :D

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Life in District IX wasn't getting any better for seventeen year-old Emerfidia until one fateful night, she was abducted to become a part of the planet's high-tech capital Cannery's successful 'One Thousand People' project to abduct a thousand people below twenty from all ten districts to be a trained strong and determined soldier, fighting in the Fifth Dynastial War which occurs every thousand years. But that's not the only thing, the rebellions are back, and so are the Freedom Fighters. In this appalling and gruesome fight for victory, Emerfidia finds herself tangled in a love triangle, and uncovering a single bright spark of hope that lays only in her hands, she discovered that she isn't just an ordinary fighter. But a protector of humanity, and perhaps, their last and final hope?

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Recent Update :)

Hey there, bloggers! It's been three days since I updated my last entry about Fate/Zero episode twenty's latest release, and now I'm addicted to another great, exciting and new anime! Eureka Seven AO! Anime lovers, please check this out if you haven't! 
During my December holidays while my family and I were staying in Mid Valley Megamall's Boulevard Hotel, my dad used the internet to check out about 2012 Chinese zodiac predictions; what luck brings to our particular zodiacs and what to avoid or prevent. For the Rabbit (me), it was stated there that I should avoid laziness and self-indulgence. I couldn't avoid it, either way. It's just like stepping-you-foot-into-the-nail type of scenario. If you take the nail out, it will be painful to the core, if you don't, same thing. I'm already into this crazy thing: Facebook, Youtube, Wattpad, and now, surfing and watching animes for free online on! I even ditched my homework and promised myself that I will 'change' tomorrow, Thursday.
I can swear this happens all the time. 
Yay, I was watching Episode 3 then, and now I started watching Episode 5! 
I started an account on Wattpad few weeks ago and did a story about a girl named Emma. Well, I can't tell you more because there's this someone who knows my blog and reads it all the time, and I can't let her know my Wattpad account, because I 'prohibit' her from reading my story. She's a nosypant, trust me. And if you seriously want to check it out, you can comment here or post on my Google + profile which you are able to view by clicking my portfolio link on the right side, where you can see my name and an introduction about myself. Yepp :) Or email me at :D
I just hope I could get more views for my story!!
And if you're interested to know, it could help me build up more views!
xxx :)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Fate/Zero Episode 20- Return of the Assasin

The episode begin with Kirtisugu entering the storehouse with Maiya on her usual guard. Kiritsugu and Irisviel had a light chat for a while, and then, Irisviel took out 'Avalon' from her body and gave it to Kiritsugu, telling him that she no longer needs it as Kiritsugu must prepare for the final battle awaiting, and with the help of Avalon, he probably has a better advantage. Kiritsugu sort of apologised that Irisviel wasn't able to see everything of the globe that she had wished to see, the cherry blossoms, summer clouds. Irisviel added that if she wasn't able to see it, then let their daughter Ilya to be able to experience the feeling. 
Then, Kiritsugu left to Tokiomi's lair, intending to kill him without knowing that he had already been murdered.
When he sneaked around and observed Tokiomi's mansion home, he was shocked to see crows in the garden, which meant that they were no barriers, something unusual, because Masters always put barriers for people to gain excess to their homes. Just like if a Master or Servant intend to enter, the barrier will be able to signal Tokiomi and Gilgamesh (but they no longer share a Master-Servant relation). 
While Kiritsugu enters Tokiomi's home and searched about, Maiya and Irisviel (back at the storehouse) began talking. Irisviel asked Maiya of her background, why did she intend to be such a loyal person to Kiritsugu, why, at the very beginning did she want to fight?
Maiya was a child soldier, supposingly.
Meanwhile, Saber is spying Waver's home, as she wanted to fight them.
But Waver and Rider/Iskandar (His servant, they had not appear in many episodes) had a different plan. Waver is sort of 'camping' on his own in the exact spot where he first summoned Rider. Rider lost lots of mana and energy/strength since the epic battle as he teamed up with Saber and Lancer to defeat Caster and his master from destroying literally everything?
And now, Waver is staying by his side as Rider invisibly 'charges up' his energy.
Back at Tokiomi's residence, Kiritsugu used some 'spray' to identify the dry puddle of blood he had found in Tokiomi's empty 'oval office', the blood turned out to be Tokiomi's, and Kiritsugu had an answer to why they were no barriers and why was the mansion empty. Boring guy Tokiomi had been dead for a while, and he just knew.
Kariya awoke from a nightmare (Which was being strangled by his Servant Berserker) and found Matou Zouken in front of him. Evil Matou Zouken. 
Zouken placed more of his 'wormie creatures' and inserted a large one as Kariya helplessly gulped it down his throat and screamed.
Back at the storehouse, they were bullets shooting through it as Maiya panicked and quickly contacted Kiritsugu via her walkie-talky. As Kiritsugu placed the walkie-talky to his ear, he felt shocked and an urge of panic as he heard Irisviel's scream. Using a command seal he ordered his 'puppet' Saber to return to the storehouse immediately. Saber, as a Servant, received the urgent command and returned, only to find Maiya full of bullet wounds and Irisviel taken away by Rider. 
Dafuq (9gag language), right?!
The storehouse was a total damage too. And Saber sadly left Maiya alone to wait for Kiritsugu to come for her aid as she left in search of Rider/Iskandar, who has Irisviel know. And I don't freaking know why but somehow Rider is kind of stupid doing this, and calling Saber a 'stupid girl'.
When Kiritsugu returns to the storehouse, he finds Maiya there, miraculously, still alive. Maiya told him not to cry, that he had to keep his tears for his wife Irisviel. But then, poor old Kiritsugu did cry. Maiya then...died. Maiya Hisau is dead.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Money The Cat.

So let's say, Money the cat almost made my day? Who's Money, you're probably wondering about that question right now when you're reading this, aren't you? 
Money is my best friend Nurul Afiyah's new pet cat (probably a few months since he was first welcomed into her household). By the way, I call Afiyah "FIYAH" for short! Well, that's her nickname anyway! Money is orangish and yellow with beautiful brown and yellow spots all around his body. He looks most gorgeous when he is playfully lying on his back with his paws on his chest area, in a curved position. You could see that his belly has stripes and more white fur. It really looks nice and his pink-peach paws are so clean. Fiyah's sister, Wafiyah, can't stand seeing Money's paws dirty so she often cleans his paws, and also bathes him. 
Money is hyper active and often gives people mini heart attacks by randomly staying still, and in less than a nanosecond, he pounces towards you. According to Fiyah, once, she was brushing her teeth and all of the sudden, Money appeared and pounces towards her. Fiyah immediately climbed up onto the sink and stayed there, afraid that Money playfully and yet painfully scratch her. 
After watching The Girl with A Dragon Tattoo (Not a family movie, recommended to you if you're at least mature enough and probably fifteen years and older, and perhaps watch it with friends or alone, but just...not a family type of movie), we waited for our transports and our mums to pick us up and we played with Money after Wiagil drove away in her white car! 
Me and Kristen and also Fiyah (But she played with her Nikon most of the time all through) took weeds and small plants and made Money chase it. Money playfully tried to catch the weeds and branches, and sometimes-halfway, he suddenly turns around and up and down and jump around wildly, as if he has been crucio-ed (A Harry Potter language). And that, freaked us out the most! Electrified cat! Haha, just joking.
Money reminds me of an Abyssinian cat. Abyssinian cats are most well-known for their energetic and extremely active characteristic. They're friendly and get along very well. Sociable cats, I would say. 
So, Money MADE MY DAY!
I can't wait to play with him again?
Scary moment of me today: Just in time where Money was eyeing me and Kristen, which means he was readying himself to leapt onto our feets, my mum's car turned into the drive way. Just as Kristen got away and leaped towards the house, Money leapt towards me and luckily, I GOT AWAY.
Mini heart attacks.
I thought I was gunna die and assumed that Money was going to scratch my feet until it bleed!