Monday, 26 March 2012

Second Term Begins.

Hmm, so today is the first day of my second term at school. I should make some resolutions for this term, probably I'll post a picture of my resolutions if I'm willing enough to do so. Today, my class teacher, Mr. Philip, gave us souvenirs from Bali, Indonesia and candies made of coconut. I loved the candy. Too bad each person had one. I bet some of my classmates secretly grabbed more than one, I should have done so too! Nyeah. Haha. It's six days to our school's talent show night. I'm not singing, but I'm going to support my friend Wiagil who's singing Today My Life Begins by Bruno Mars. This song really motivates me. I often listen to it last year when I was down and nervous for one of the marathons in the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan. Eventhough I didn't win, at least I was able to complete the run and participate in it. Hopefully, I'm able to post pics of it too!.....Meanwhile, I'm still unable to bring my sleeping patterns back to normal. Crapp :) And every morning at school I'll be sleep deprived and act drowsy and like a zombie, especially during the first and second lessons of the morning. So, that's  all. Nothing interesting happened on the first day of the second term, n'ways.....Goodnight :) If you're having the same time zone as my country.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

I sort of miss this time. 27th March 2011.

Racliffe Lives On :D

Day Gon' Bad

Well, unfortunately, what I have been waiting for most turned out upside down. Things turned out like this: One of my friends called Cinema A and asked if The Hunger Games were gunna premiere or not that day, the person who picked up the phone at Cinema A said yes, at 1pm,2pm and 3pm today. Apparently, we weren't heading to that cinema. My friend, by mistake, made the wrong call or something? So, well...we were actually heading to Cinema B. When we arrived there we were dumbfounded that the Hunger Games haven't premiered there yet. We just went to the arcade, ate food and dairy queen ice-cream. The oreo blizzard was nice, but my tummy's bloated. I think I'm bout to explode. I can't really say it's her fault, maybe half of this thing was but it's over anyway! I was just dissapointed that I couldn't watch The Hunger Games. Crappp. Tomorrow's the last day of heaven. I seriously need to go back to December, where I could completely enjoy the holidays. 10 days--not enough. Honestly, nothing's ever enough for me. I didn't really enjoyed this day, suppose my friends didn't as well. It wasn't any of our faults. At the arcade, they were a gang of Muslim guys acting gangster-ish. They didn't made any movement to disturb us or so, but we were just disturbed to see them there. Very roudy people they were. Pfft. So, we couldn't enjoy trying out games at the arcade because of them. Stupid dudes, I hate you for that ._. Hating's just my nature, nevermind that. Ate too much food today. John Carter seems like an incredibly nice movie. Hope I could watch it soon too.

A Better Way to Stay Humble

Most people want to stay humble when they ace in their examinations, or when they were offered a good job, or when they're called "pretty" or "beautiful" by someone. Well, they are many ways to stay humble when that happens, but you oughtn't reply by saying words that discourage yourself like "Nah, I'm sort of dumb actually." or "NO WAY! I'm the ugliest person you've ever met!" or something like that. It makes you look sillier by saying that. The best way to reply a friend when he/she praises you is by saying "Thank you,________________." and with encouraging words that probably would make your friend feel happy themselves. It annoys me, and most people, when these things happen.

This happens all the time, so it's best you get immune to it instead of swearing under you breath ;)

Brunei ranks no.1 in Asia for Facebook usage

I was suprised to see the front article of the Borneo Bulletin paper today.


New red monster zipit pouch. :)

Friday, 23 March 2012

OMG! I laughed so hard when I saw this on 9gag! XD
Your judgement can deceive you. :)

Susan Boyle in Britain's Got Talent 2009.
Yay, tomorrow I'm going to the cinema with my friends to watch the recent released movie, The Hunger Games! It's what everyone has been waiting for! I should have read the series long ago, but I never knew it existed until my friends and teacher mentioned about it in class. Oopsie, my bad that I didn't know. Hopefully tomorrow will be a fantastic and fulfilling day!

 It looks pretty exciting though. :)

I want these books D: Graaaaaahhh

Positive WINS

Cher Lloyd

Cher Llyod is an amazing singer with an amazing voice. She's 19 this year and used to be an X Factor participant. I love her songs Love Me for Me, Want U Back and With Ur Love. I love her swag :)

PS; I love her British accent, it's quite deep.

One of My Favourite Essays ;)

I decided to post one of my essays here :) So here it goes:

People said that nobody is perfect because we cannot live up to a thousand years old to learn everything in life. Although I am only 13 years old, I was glad to have known someone very remarkable. She had taught me that nothing remains impossible forever. Her name is Hailey, my Eurasian cousin.

Hailey had straight, long blonde hair. She had dyed some strands brown and black during her 15th birthday, Hailey was tall and had broad shoulders. She had emerald-green eyes and fair skin. Hailey had a slendner body figure and athletic legs, which she probably got from climbing trees in her backyard when she was younger.

Since she lived in Oklahoma, U.S., all her life, I was only able to meet her thirce in my entire life. I was nine years old when I first visited Hailey and her family. The atmosphere in her bungalow home was warm and cozy, During my 1-month vacation there, Hailey and I had built a treehouse as large as a classroom. We stuck pictures of us together on the walls and wrote the name of the boys we adored on the floor and covered the messy scribbles with a floor mat.

What was so interesting about Hailey is that although she doesn't have any siblings and much friends, she never gets bored. She is just so full of ideas and not to mention that she has really peculiar and wild imaginations! I remembered one Sunday morning I woke up finding my arms drawn by Hailey with flowers and heart shapes. She later told me that she couldn't sleep that night, so she took her crayons and marker pens to draw my arm. "I know you will never get mad with me!" She would say gleefully.

When she was a young teen, she tried bungee jumping and once, jumped down from a waterfall without getting hurt during a class picnic. Well, I could say her only hobby would be "Doing extraordinary things".

Hailey is a kind-hearted girl who also loves nature, just like me. She loves squirrels because of their bushy tails. She prefers road trips with a caravan than aeroplanes. Hailey hates being seasick or having jetlag. Other than that, she also plays the piano and guitar. But a few years ago she had quit her music school because she couldn't get along with her new teacher.

It was less than a year ago when Oklahoma was hit by a tornado storm. Many people died at the spot. Hailey was one of them. She was sixteen at that time. I'll miss her very much, and I still do now. But I accept the fact that she is gone forever. I will never ever forget this remarkable family member.

Temple Run

Playing Temple Run is really addictive. It's been about less than a month since I started playing it (Sorry if I'm being outdated :S ) and instantly, I was an addict. I love Karma Lee, she's really fast. I wish that the creators of Temple Run could at least upgrade it to make the game more exciting? They could add new places to run, or new runners and things like that! I'm not really criticising their efforts but I'm just suggesting anyway. No hard feelings ;)


For those who watch anime, I'd like to ask you: Do you watch Fate/Zero? It's a prequel to the 25-episode anime show Fate/Stay Night. Fate/Stay Night was an average show, but Fate/Zero is definitely better! The second half of the show is coming out in the first or second week of April. I seriously can't wait for it! Recently, I've watched Natusume Yuujinchou Shi, it's quite nice anyway. It's quite new and the 11th episode is gonna be released soon, I'm not sure when, I don't usually follow-up with the dates. Every week I just randomly check it on a free anime-viewing website, My elder sis suggested I watch Chihayafuru, it's all about this traditional Japanese card game called karuta or something. I heard it's a story about friendship. The best anime I've watched so far is Fullmetal Alchemsit Brotherhood. It's just an awesome show! The characters are awesome and good too! Any other animes you dear readers would like to recommend? Comment below pls and thank you :)
(Some of the characters from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)
School's going to re-open this Monday. Great. I don't hate school but I don't feel that happy and warm feeling anymore. I won't say it's stressfull. I'm not pressured to the core either. Sigh. I just have to adapt to the changes anyway, maybe I'm not used to how things are going this year. But I'm just glad I'm not the only one who's missing 2011. Oh well, like they say, we have to leave the past behind in order to progress. Back to talking about the holidays, I made a checklist about a week before the 10-day break started. I tried to do beneficial things on the holidays; play the piano, homeworks, learn new things and so on. One thing I didn't do was studying. Haha, the hardest thing to do during the holidays. I could say I ticked most of all the things, well I did all of them. But the truth is.... less than 10% was spent on beneficial things, the other 90% probably goes to...Facebook, Youtube and 9gag.  Oh,well. I can't say much on this. Everyone's facing the same thing.

Two of my favourites at Excapade Sushi, Kuala Belait Branch. :) I'm missing sushi, alright!
( Taken on January 8th, 2012)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Field and Friday

I don't remember how many weeks ago was this but I remembered clearly that it was on a random friday afternoon. After recovering from a minor case of pneumonia, my parents told me that I had better stopped running and rest for at least a month! I was damn dissapointed. I couldn't really understand why. I missed two competitions, one was a 5-km marathon. I really love running, it's a passion. After visiting a private clinic for a check-up I went straight to my best friend Amril's house. Her house has some cozy atmosphere that gives you such a warmth feeling. That's why I love going to her house most! :)) That day, Amril and I together with our Indonesian buddy Wiagil walked to a football field beside her house. Amril brought along her Canon. We took awesome pictures on the field, acted dorky and ran around like mad people. That day, I completely forgotten about all the anger and sadness I've been through. It was really a marvelous day, filled with joy, fun and laughter. Wiagil, Amril and I can really do anything under the sun! :)

(L) Me and (R) Wiagil.
Credits to Amril for this amazing photo.