Monday, 30 April 2012

Let's 'Wow' Together!

Hey, guys!
So it's a typical Monday night and besides studying, I decided to share with you guys about some awesome facts.
Let's start with...
the world's fastest roller coaster on the planet, located in Abu Dhabi. 
Speed? 240 km/h (150 mph). 
It consists of only two trains with four cars. The riders are arranged two by two (2 rows). Only a maximum total of 16 people are allowed per train.
So, how did I discover this? Well, before checking it out on Wikipedia, I was watching the Travel & Living Channel with my mum a few weeks ago on a Monday night and apparently, Denise Keller, is filming about her getaway to Abu Dhabi. If you ever watched MTV Southeast Asia you would probably remember Singaporean MTV host Denise Keller. I'm not sure if she is still the host or not at this present time, but doubt it so.

And now, check out some of the most coolest slides on the planet! I've found them on a website out of curiosity one random day.
This awesome slide is located at the Wild Wadi Water Park, again, it's located in Dubai. As you see on the first picture, there's Burj Al Arab,the most luxurious hotel in the world. It's located in Jumeriah. 

Here's another cool slide! This time, for kids!
Guess where it's located at? Changi Airport, Singapore. Though I'm unsure which Terminal it is located in (Changi Airport has 3 HUGE terminals). I've been to Singapore for holidays countless times but I've never, EVER seen this slide. 

So, you're actually looking at a picture of the world's largest indoor water park in West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada. According to some reading I did just now, it has a maximum capacity of 40,000 guests. 

The next one you're going to see, is even more spectacular!
Welcome! This is known as the 'Frozen Slide' at Disney's Blizzard Beach, U.S.A.
It's actual location is at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista. This is known as the world's tallest, fastest free-fall speed slide. I would call this an amazing experience of a lifetime. But, the next slide, will make you go 'ZOMG'! No, seriously.

This is probably rated as the World's Extreme Slide? Could you see how high it is?! This slide is 41 metres high and is currently the world's leading highest slide in the world, according to Guinness Books of Records. They say, it is equivalent to a 14-storey building. Who ever tried this, IS AWESOME. More awesome than the awesomest! 

Probably many of you guys will recognize this. It is none other than the famous water slide located at Atlantis, Dubai. The slide plunges you down into a tunnel in the shark lagoon. If I ever overcome my fear of heights, I'd love to take a fantastic slide down this one before I try out other extreme water slides!

I've extracted the photos and some of the content and information from this website. Click the link here to check it out: 

So, who's a time killer here? I'd like to meet someone who doesn't kill time by using the laptop, or those typical things we all do. I mean those time killers who are curious about the planet and really try out unimaginable things such as the activities I mentioned above, and more of that! There will be time for me to blog about extremely and awesome activities and leisure things that time killers often dare to do, that we don't.

Now, who's a daredevil? Definitely not me! Bungee jumping? It doesn't sound scary from it's name but it is when you're staring at death in the face. 
This is none other than the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, U.S.A. It is 1053 ft (321 m) high and hangs above the Arkansas River. It is a favourite jumping spot for daredevils because of its extreme height. 

Location? Macau Tower, China. 
It stands 764 ft (233m) high.
There is an observation deck for tourists who seek relaxing getaways and also daring sports such as bungee jumping and 'sky jumping'. 

My last sharing for tonight would be about sky diving! 

That's all I have to share for tonight!
I quite enjoyed doing this post because I myself learnt about all these extreme-to-the-core activities that especially daredevils and adventure-seekers will adore. I find them incredible and creative in such a way, especially the roller coaster and the planet's coolest slides! They are really COOL! 
I'd love to make an entry about these someday! And I'll add something different from today's post.
And guys, if you have any suggestions, PLEASE comment and if you like my blog, feel free to follow it. 
Thank you for viewing.
Mei Lin.

Sayonara April!

Aah, today's the last day of April! Many things, blissful and disappointment, both had occur in this month. Sometimes, I feel like disappearing into thin air and never coming back. Other times I secretly wished that I could teleport to anywhere I feel like going to. Everyone feels the same way when they encountered something unhappy and disappointing, even the tiniest things. 
I could summarise this month as one of the most disappointing 30-day life of me. And more are to come. 
Honestly the only exciting thing that had occur this month was waiting for Fate/Zero's latest episode every Sunday morning and a party at my ex-teacher's house two days ago, on a Saturday. We walked to the beach which was less than a hundred metres away and I was silly enough to not spray my body with insect-repellent. So, I got eleven sand fly stings, and it was all my fault, yeah, my fault. *Pout*. My right foot was badly swollen last night, so I had to wear my Adidas slippers to school today and luckily Teacher Chandron, the discipline master, didn't spot me. Neither did I spot him today. Otherwise, I would have to explain to him about it, which I am lazy to. My feet's still swollen now and I still have to wear my slippers tomorrow. If I do, I hope that there won't be any assembly in the school hall or everyone would be staring at my feet! Haha! No, it's not really funny actually ._. 
The days have been going pass quickly very soon. I don't remember much of this month but I can only illustrate one word in my mind, that is a big "DISAPPOINTED". 
But at least there was something to ease my heart and mind today!
I was told of the news of the Inforama Competition! Which comes every year with different surprising tasks! There are two categories: primary and secondary categories. 
This year for the secondary category, we have to use a recently-published programme to create a game! Yes, a game of our own! We must crack our brains and include every bit of our creativity if we'd love to win. And yeap, we'd love to win!
Each group needs three team members. Me, Tzeng Shuin and Amril 'decided' to team up to compete with other schools in Brunei. I just hope we are able to do things equally and fairly and agree on our decisions because recently things have been going haywire like #$%^&*()(*&%$%^&*()()*&%^$#@#@^&*. :)
And the smiley face just shows some sense of sarcasm in my sentence. 
The weather has been playing tricky on-and-offs games with us too! So suddenly the sky is dark, and suddenly it becomes all sunny and bright again. Sometimes it rains, rarely accompanied by thunder and lightning. The weather's often-changing cycle results in getting a bad cold, and for once, almost, a headache. I had that crazy feeling a few nights ago that my pneumonia would come back again! Due to the cold, chilling feeling that we all normally get, as a sign of approaching fever.
Today, I decided not to study again. Yesterday my study plan failed because I couldn't concentrate on a single thing I read, thanks to the swollen sand fly bite on my right feet that got me irritated to the core. So, I didn't really did anything in the afternoon. I just slacked and watched the television at night. 
Amril, Wiagil, Lau Ngai Kit and another guy from the B class named Lee Jun Ching are the four chosen to participate in a four-day Science Camp activity in the Lumut area. 
By the way, I forgot...Happy Labour Day! (Although they were no day-offs for students and adults today). 
Now, I'm left thinking about good food and imagining scenarios of holidaying in Japan. Take me to Japan! 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Fate/Zero Episode 17

Morning, bloggers!
I just finished watching Fate/Zero's latest episode. This whole show is coming to an end really sooner than I realised.
The episode started with Kirei Kotomine arriving at the church to find his father's dead body, with blood all over. The following day, he told Tokiomi Tohsaka (Another boring dude!) about the news and Gilgamesh continues to amuse himself when he talks with Kirei.
Tokiomi is darn disappointed, banged the arm rest of his chair and wrinkles all over his face showed up, so yeah. :)
He decided to have a meeting, and sent an 'invitation' that Maiya ( I don't know how) somehow received and showed it to Irisviel and Saber. Irisviel is already healed at that time, thanks to Saber. The three decided to show up at the church that night.
That evening, Tokiomi had a last glance at his wife and daughter Rin Tohsaka before saying goodbye as he left to the church. 
The two different allies showed up at the church and decided to have an agreement.
Irisviel insisted that she would only agree with Tokiomi on two conditions. First, she wanted to now what information had gathered about Rider and his Master and secondly, she insists Kirei to no longer participate in the Holy Grail War. They agreed. Afterwards, Saber left on her new, black motorbike, a gift from her Master Kiritsugu. She sped off on the motorbike and disappeared into the dark. Maiya and Irisviel proceeded into the white car when Irisviel suddenly leans on Maiya's shoulder as she drove, her face drenched with sweat.
She then told Maiya the truth, that she's a homunculus created by Grandfather Arth (Her grandfather I suppose). Irisviel also admitted that by now, she should have been dead, but it was thanks to Saber's Avalon (A magical, anti-aging and miracle healing sword) that has been keeping her awake and from collapsing all the time now.
Maiya told her to hold on still, and that Maiya would protect till the very end, all for the sake of Kiritsugu's unfulfilled wish.
Kirei is seen in the attic room packing his stuff into a suitcase. Then, he thought of Kiritsugu. The same question that was floating in his mind since he knew Kiritsugu popped up in his head. He wanted to know more about this man, why was he such a monster? (But he didn't realise he himself is another monster anyway! *grin*) Gilgamesh interrupted his thoughts as he appeared and continued to amuse himself, disappear, and reappear again. I find that annoying. They began to do their 'talks', their lameee talks. Then, Kirei shows Gilgamesh his right arm, which was full of command seals. It was a gift from his father the priest when he died. Obviously, it would be such a waste and only someone silly would wish to dispose of so much command seals and withdraw from the Holy Grail War. 
In Tokiomi's office room, Tokiomi showed his gratitude towards Kirei as being his noble and well student. He gave Kirei an Azoth dagger (The dagger that stabbed him by Shiro Emiya in Fate/Stay Night). Tokiomi says his farewells as he proceeded towards the door. Creeping up from behind him, Kirei stabs Tokiomi with the dagger and he falls to the ground as a pool of blood oozed out of his stab wound. 
Gilgamesh then appears. The two went through a short procedure of chanting and has now, officially became master and servant. 
Crap, all this sounds terribly bad. Kirei and Gilgamesh makes a bad combination. Ugh, Kirei is such a badass. He should just remain the Kirei Kotomine who doesn't know how to find JOY (If you watched all the previous episodes, you'll get it) BAHAHAH. 
The next episode premiere gave us an obvious clue that it would be about Kiritsugu's past, as the next episode would be titled "Distant Memories". That's all I have to blog about this episode. Sayonara until the next post!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fate/Zero Episode 17 Spoiler

Will this be the episode when Tokiomi gets killed (and betrayed) by his servant Gilgamesh? What happened to Irisviel in this episode anyway?
My goodness, this is all too exciting for me! 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday :)

Hope you all a good day, bloggers. And hey! Good evening!
Recently, the flu season at home and at school is out again. And I fear that I'm going to have a sore throat anytime, a wave of runnynose viruses are approaching as well! Bad, bad, bad news! I hate runnynose the most, as much as I hate headaches. At least you're able to breathe well when you're asleep but not when you have runnynose. I hadn't been watching or following up with latest animes nowadays because I have other activities to do. Well anyway, some of you probably heard of ICAS? It stands for International Common Assessments for Schools, and it comes all the way back from UNSW, a famous and well-known university in Australia. Every year, there will be a written assessment (Ranging from Grade 4 to Grade 10 only) in several countries, well, of course, not the whole world I'm sure. A few of them included my country Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, and a few others that I have forgotten. 
There are four subjects that you could take part in for ICAS: Science, English, Mathematics and lastly, ICT. This year, I took part in all four for the first time! 
I aimed to get two distinctions, one for English and the other for ICT, and at least two credits for Science and Mathematics. 
Today was my Science ICAS and I did really badly. Like last year, I have a 'high possibility' of getting another participation certificate, and not a credit or distinction. I was so disappointed! After doing the first twenty questions, the questions became tougher. Many questions included things I would only learn next year or even two years later!
Molecules, speed, ratio?! Yes, I haven't learn them all though I'm in Year Seven/ Garde Seven now. But it's okay, at least I still learn something new everyday! 
In Singapore, Grade Six students will take the ICAS papers that Garde Seven students in my country are taking!
I wonder how students living in Singapore cope with the big amount of stress they face everyday at school.
I have never experienced a busy and challenging, brain-tackling, twisting school life they had. But I know that there's one thing sure, they're not robots, and they probably sacrificed a lot of their time on studying and going to tuitions/tutors.
In the Sixth Form, the maximum subjects students can take in Singapore is NINE. Whereas in my country it's FIVE.
If I was not mistaken (either last year or this year's batch of Sixth Form students), nine Sixth Form students got NINE As for their A Levels. My sister only takes four subjects and is already stressed out and drained out of energy all day (but I could blame the weather and her school for not supplying air-conditioners in her lesson rooms, except for her Physics classroom...), but well, she's sort of a piggy. Sometimes slacking and watching animes, lazying, moaning, sleepy-all-day and insomniac person...Yeah, that's what my sister is like most of the time. Well, MOST of the time, that is, not ALL the time.
Anyway, I would love to see a day in a life of the Sixth Form students who achieved all As for nine subjects. I don't know if I would want to experience their type of life, school life, home life, sports life, or etc, because I'm not used to being pushed to the core to study chapter by chapter of a thick textbook in just one night. And I cannot be sleep-deprived. I'm trying to get myself used to being sleep-deprived, just in case of further stresses in my school life, but I'm still an intermediate-level in sleeping late and waking up early. Maybe a little more behind "Intermediate". 
Honestly, I quite like assignments, homeworks to be exact, but I sort of love using the Internet, blogging, surfing and reading stories or fanfictions on Wattpad, Facebook, music (when my dad's not around) more than academics now!
I'm now an addict to my laptop. And all this addiction developed from the start of April. Since three days of afternoon classes and extra curriculum activities were cancelled due to the field events at school on behalf of the 6th Annual Sports Day. Ughh!
Today I had a Maths short test straight after taking the Science ICAS, after Maths it was Malay and we had a short test too! I hope I'll get an excellent score for my Malay short test! And I'm ready to beat my rival-in-studies, Irina. No hard feelings! But I'm making sure I'm climbing up,up,up, halfway pushing her down,down,down. :) 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fate/Zero Episode 16- Images

Ever since my last and recent post on Fate/Zero's latest episode, I've been going to Random Curiosity to check on if the photos of today's episodes have been released or not, too bad, they haven't. So I went to a website where they leaked only A FEW snapshots of the episode, the snapshots were leaked days before the latest episode's premiere today.
So, being impatient, I'll show you guys the photos from some Japanese/Chinese website and when the episode 16 snapshots from Random Curiosity are finally uploaded, I'll post them here. Pinky swear! :)

Do you see the dagger with red blood dripping? Yes, that's the sword Maiya used to cut off Sola's hand, and Kayneth's face peeking? Yes, he was watching Lancer's moves while fighting Saber right before Kiritsugu came with Sola as hostage. 
The first image shows Kayneth grinning, well, he was at the church claiming extra command seals as a reward from the High Priest and left after getting it, after shooting Kotomine's father to death. 

300+ Views

So, most of you, if you guys really follow up reading my entries often, then you would probably know that I started blogging last month during March right?
Today I signed in and found out that over one night I have more than 300 views! And today, I've got views from Hong Kong, Malaysia, U.K., Canada and more views from U.S.A, Russia and Brunei Darussalam. Thanks very much for the support! If you like this blog, "welcome to the skies", you are welcomed to follow it if you like! :D
Once again, ARIGATOU! (Thank you in Japanese, if you didn't know) ;)
Mei Lin!

Fate/Zero Episode 16

I find this episode rather disturbing and disappointing, and unexpected too! 
I apologize to those bloggers who are following up with this anime and wishes to see images of the episode but so far, I couldn't find any. The Random Curiosity bloggers haven't updated about the recent episode yet. I'll post the pics as soon a possible! By the way, you could check out Random Curiosity on your own too!
In this episode, Sola is leaning against a fence, admiring her right arm where the command seals are placed (PS: Cause Sola's 'seduced' by Lancer/Diarmuid's hotnesss :D ) when suddenly, her arm is cut in half by Maiya, Kiritsugu's spy. They take Sola as a hostage.
Meanwhile, Kayneth and Lancer found out that Sola is missing. Kayneth continues to condemn Lancer (They were at an abandoned building area) when Irisviel and Saber arrived at the spot. Lancer appeared then and agreed to duel with Saber to see who is a worthy knight (In their myths, they were once knights). Kayneth watches the duel when he saw Kiritsugu aiming a gun at Sola a few metres away. Kiritugu signalled him to shut up and throws a scroll towards him. In it is a contract paper, Kayneth has to use his command seal (He got one extra from the High Priest as a reward, see previous episode, and immediately killed the priest and escaped) to force Lancer (his servant anyway) to commit suicide if he wants Sola to live. He must also agree to the terms that he and Sola would not be able to participate in the Holy Grail War, in return, Kiritsugu wouldn't be able to kill them too. 
So silly Kayneth agrees for the sake of his fiancee. 
Halfway fighting, Saber and Irisviel (Irisviel stood by the car, keeping a distance from the two servants as she observed them fighting) are shocked when Lancer suddenly pierce himself with his spear. Kayneth (wheel-chair bound) with Sola in his arms, and Kiritsugu, emerge from the abandoned building walls. Saber finally understood what happened, but is still shocked and in disbelief. Lancer curses Kayneth before disappearing.
From somewhere among the abandoned buildings, Maiya shoots Kayneth and Sola, and instantly they died. 
Saber and Kiritsugu ended up in a heated argument, again. They never agree with each other from the start, I suppose.
Kiritsugu went into the car as Maiya drove him away. 
The morning sun had begun to rise as Saber wiped a blood stain from her cheek and looked at it when Irisviel said, "Kiritsugu's gone, isn't he?" She collapsed just in time for Saber to catch her.
The episode ended that way.
I seriously hate Kiritsugu now =.= He's getting on my nerves! Annoying pest!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Your Road Map To Success- John C. Maxwell

JOHN C. MAXWELL is an internationally recognized leadership expert speaker, and author who has sold over 12 million books. His organizations have trained more than one million leaders worldwide. He is also the founder of Injoy Stewardship Services and EQUIP. 


So, my dad bought I book written by him (Your road Map to success) and out of curiosity, I decided to try and read it. I stumbled upon this short paragraph on page thirty-two and found out that this description suits me A HUNDRED PERCENT. This is definitely one of the attitudes I own and find it hard to ever change!

Here it goes:

2. Get rid of your pride
People full of themselves usually don't have much room left over for a life-changing dream. That's why it's so important to get rid of your pride; it can keep you from trying new things or asking questions because you are afraid of looking stupid. It makes you want to stay in your comfort zone instead of striving for the end zone. Pride puts your forces on appearance instead of potential. And it prevents you from taking risks- something you must do to discover your dream. If you are a prideful person, it's time to let go of your pride and grab hold of your dream. 
Now that is one of the attitude or personality I had since quite a few years ago. On my opinion, it's no wrong to have pride on your own but it is wrong to have some type of pride that gives you a sense of...staying to your comfort zone all your life and shying away from curiosity in front of everyone else. What John Maxwell had stated in the paragraph there is definitely true! 

Saturday To-Dos

Good evening, bloggers.
So, yesterday I went to my track and field practice and damn, was it tiring. I almost died, no, seriously, and literally too. The teacher's training tactics are tougher than our previous teacher, Mr. Mak's, but all the same, I can handle the training even though it can be a little too much tiring. I'm still fine anyway :D I'll be able to cope with all of it soon.
Last night, I made a to-do list of what I was supposed to do today (Saturday!), but I suppose I failed because I haven't accomplished all of them.
> I'll leave my maths revision work for Sunday.
> Tonight will do it.
Make a PowerPoint presentation about Australia's tourist hot spots?
> No, unfortunately, I passed my lonely planet mini Australia guide to Kristen and she forgot to return it to me before dismiss time. But she didn't really listen to me, over-occupied talking with her 'friends', so she left it in her drawer at school and well, yeah. I don't suppose she would care anyway.
Register at Pottermore? 
> Well I just did! And Pottermore looks as an interesting Harry Potter fan spot to me! I haven't really got to know the official website yet, I just confirmed my registration with my e-mail and started blogging. But trust me, if you're a Harry Potter fan, go to Pottermore and SIGN UP immediately! I say IMMEDIATELY! It's because Pottermore registrations are not open all year through. It's to prevent people who are bored and typically lifeless from creating more than one account. If it would be so, Pottermore would be overloaded!
> Yes, I had piano lessons for an hour today. Four new songs to learn. It's tiring.

Friday, 20 April 2012

What I'm Missing Today?

Hey everyone! :D
So today's a typical Friday and I decided to post about ten things that I'm missing now. I suppose I'll start from ten, descending towards the number one thing I miss, alright? Get it? So here it begins...

10) Reading Inheritance
When I was down with pneumonia and hospitalized in a ward, I wanted to finish the final book of the Inheritance Cycle, Inheritance, since I had finished more than half of the book right before I was sick. In the end, in a bout 3 days of staying in the ward, I finished Inheritance! It is the best book I have ever read in my life, so far! Although Arya and Eragon couldn't be together, I wished that they would meet some day, with the arrival or new Dragon Riders.
The author, Christopher Paolini, started writing the first book  when he was 15 years old. AMAZING!

Saphira's eye.

9) Cats and Kittens.
Last year in January, Amril and I discovered that many cats lived at the back of the school. We didn't know if that area was restricted or not, so we sneaked to that corridor full of old tables and chairs and played with the cats. There were Snowball, Sleepyball, Beannie, Freckley, Puffball, Snowy, Rusty, Rusty Look-a-like, Squeaky (Snowy's daughter), Chubby (Rusty Look-a-like's deceased son ): ) and many more. Sadly, I only see Snowball, Snowy and Rusty Look-a-like. Sleepyball was adopted by the school's van driver, named Wan Wan. Beannie and Freckley, the two boys were poisoned and died. Maybe, they ate something poisonous or someone allegedly attempted to poison them and was successful, but I will strangle them if I knew who did it anyway, or who was a part of it. Snowball 'migrated' and lives somewhere in the school grounds, but I haven't seen her for months. I miss Snowball, Sleepyball, Beannie and Freckley. I loved them so much! They are like the best pet cats you could ever had! If I could, I would have adopted them all before the two were poisoned to death!  

8) Sarafina and the others. 
Well, when I was a little girl, my sister and I had lots of plush toys and barbie dolls and dinosaurs. We invented games of our owns. One of them was 'Dinomalia'. We used our toy dinosaurs and gave them name as Dinomalia characters. Each time we played, we imagined it like an episode of the 'show'. I had a green teddy bear named Sarafina and I used to adore her to the core! I adored many other toys too! I had a giraffe, a penguin that you punched and will stand up once again, a ladybird (It's such an innocent-looking one!) and many, many more. Well, all my fun and adventures with these toys ended when my dad announced that we were going to live in another house and some items needed to be thrown away. So, that was farewell to all my toys. I'm relieved that my parents decided to keep some of those toys back then for the sake of me and my sister. One of them was Teddy, my closest buddy. He's a teddy bear and I had him since I was a two-year old toddler! He's still here now and is always sitting in my bed, lying against a pillow with a small blanket covering him. Do you want to know what happened to Sarafina anyway? Sarafina wasn't thrown away either, because I loved her and Teddy equally! On a holiday in a Penang resort hotel, I couldn't find her anywhere in the hotel room on the day we checked-out. My dad even asked the chambermaids if they had seen it, but all answers were negative. Sadly, Sarafina is gone now and I have no idea where on Earth she is. 

7) Buzz Lightyear
Long, long ago when all the toys weren't thrown away or missing, my sister and I lvoed watching Buzz Lightyear and Sesame Street! It was no surprise that we adapted the plot of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command to create a game of our own. Starring Buzz Lightyear as me and Zurg as my sister! My family still keeps lots of photo albums of our childhood years and there was a picture that showed me and my sister on the sofa with toys and cushions. My sister was being Zurg, and she was holding a plastic fork. 
I still remembered clearly why. In the 'episode' we were playing (We invented our own plots in the episodes), Buzz Lightyear (me) was captured by Zurg (my sister) and locked in a room. Buzz wanted to excape but Zurg wouldn't give Buzz the plastic fork, which was the key! Aaah, those hilarious moments. I love my childhood times there. 

6) Kota Kinabalu
Before I moved to Miri, Malaysia, dad always brought us to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, for the holidays. We went there twice a year and we even got to know this taxi driver who eventually became friends with us. I used to call him "Talkative Taxi Driver", or let's just nickname him Mr. Talkative for now, with no hard feelings (I really don't know his name!) We always stayed at Sutera Harbour Resort and it's located right next to a beach! The sunset there every evening always has a magnificent view.

7) December 
I miss 2011's December month. My family went to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for the holidays and had so much fun! I went to Universal Studios in Singapore for the first time and met Amril and Vanessa Kwong! My two friends!
Me and Amril posed for a photo (Taken By sis) at the Jurassic Park area, Universal Studios.
We saw this blue Lamborghini on the way back to Link Hotel,

Hi-tea at the 25th floor of Boulevard Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

 I rode on this ride, the Transformers, where there is a stimulator and you are supposed to wear 3-D glasses. It seems so magical! So real-life! It's such a worth ride! The whole trip to Singapore was worth it anyway! We did so much shopping! But I bought even more clothes at Kuala Lumpur. Most of them were from Robinsons, Metrojaya and Isetan. The clothes at Isetan are awesome! 

4) Madam Yong
My English teacher last year was Madam Yong Siew Leng. She is the most inspirational teacher I ever had. She loved to encourage us to study and always motivates us! She also tells us stories of her life and her relatives and sometimes, her daughters'. Madam Yong treats us exactly the way she treats her daughters, but probably not that fierce and strict. Of her two years teaching me, I have learned a lot from her. It's thanks to her that I read most of the books, the fantasy novels, the best selling books, the educational books, and so on. She really motivates people and I AM DEEPLY INSPIRED BY HER. I'm so thankful to have this marvelous and wonderful teacher in my life who truly shows that she cares for her students! I love her so much! I wished she'd be my English teacher for all my life instead! 

3) 17 November 2011
On this day, 17th November, there was a marathon in Bandar for the primary level. Unfortunately, and to my disappointment, I didn't win anything. But I was happy that straight after the whole event had ended, our Physical Ed teacher, Mr. Mak, took us to The Mall in Gadong. It's the most famous shopping centres in Brunei! We went to the arcade, ate Jolibee at the food court and walked around the whole mall. Too bad, Mr. Mak would have treat us to watching a movie but he was busy as he had to prepare some stuff for the secondary level marathon two days later. He was also tired because we all had to gather at school for the one and a half-hour journey to Bandar at four a.m. that morning, which means waking up at three! It was his last time bringing us to a competition as he will quit our school soon. I'm glad I had so much fun that day, the journey back and to Bandar was a whole lot tiring but full of laughters and memories, memories that I would never let myself forget. 

2) Alissya Rudy
My childhood friend, Alissya, moved with her family to live in Bandar to study in J.I.S, Jerudong International School. In the past, I used to have lunch or breakfast with her every Friday and followed her home to play games. I missed playing Little Big Planets with her. If any of you bloggers have a PS3 at your home, then try and buy the game Little Big Planets! I also heard that there's the second Little Big Planets coming out, and I suppose, it's already out. It's an adventure game with no violence and is suitable for all ages. It's a really fun game! I wished I could have a sleep-over at her home soon!

1) Escargots
I'm rather stingy, rather than missing my childhood friend or my English teacher or the holidays, I'm missing eating escargots the most! I really should go to Bucaneer Restaurant and eat it. It's cooked with cheese and mushroom sauce and mmm mmm mmm, it's mmmlicious! I love it to the core!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ola, It's Thursday!

Hey, dear bloggers :) 
So today's Thursday, the 19th of April, and it's my best guy friend Fong's birthday. I haven't got him a gift yet anyway, I'm better at choosing gifts for girls than guys.
I was just being random around the Internet, watching videos of my favourite Youtube idols. And da ran da dum! I found out that on May 5th, Youtube stars (Jason Chen, Tiffany Alvord, David Choy, etc...) are going to perform at Sentosa, Singapore. I live in Brunei Darussalam and it's only about a two-hours flight from here :( The price for the entrance tickets is $70 Singaporean dollars. I could have, no- I would have gone to the concert if I...lived in Singapore!
Today I secretly read my friend's journal and in it she thinks that she's the smartest girl in class. Wiagil and I were like, "Say what?" 
You see, they are two types of EGO.
The first EGO, the GOOD EGO:
"Aaah, this new girl in class, I heard she's an extremely smart kid with an IQ higher than Einstein! I wonder if it's really true or not...but, oh well, I should try be friends with her. I'll also try to compete with her and maintain my number one position in class."

The second EGO, the BAD EGO:
"That new girl in class. Huh, I heard she's smart? I'm always the number one, the top student. Don't worry, I can beat her like a piece of cake! She doesn't even look like a student with lots of potentials. Honestly, I'm way better than her! It's a 'definitely'! Pft, I'm like, the smartest in the class and everyone knows that?!"

Well, I wouldn't say my friend Rina was wrong when she thinks that she's smart but this issue about her has been going on for quite a while and she's just going to get herself hated and backstabbed by everyone by thinking that she's the smartest and prettiest girl. Seriously, that's what she sort of thinks of herself. 
Well, I don't have anything else to say about her, I just hope she realizes it one day, one day soon enough. 
Yay, next Saturday there'll be a party and me and my friends will be able to have lots of fun! I'm excited! I hope it's going to be even more fun than the first party we had at Auntie Ai Lee's house last year. We walked to the beach behind her house and got stings by sand fly all over. But it was definitely fun! I hope, I really hope, that we're just going to have double the fun with Auntie Ai Lee and Kevin. I'll be able to reunite with my tuition mate Ying too! I haven't seen her except during functions or dances and performances at my school. She's from St.Johns, a school less than 500 meters away from my school. 

That's all I have to update about today! Hopefully I'll update about more stuff tomorrow since it's almost midnight and I seriously need to sleep now. Goodnight, bloggers! And thank you for reading!

Sing A Song~

Yesterday (Wednesday), there wasn't any extra-curriculum activities (CCA) in the afternoon because there was an inter-house Chinese chess tournament. So, instead of practicing piano, studying and picking up a book to read, I used the Internet all day long and listened to songs. Some songs I found very nice to listen to! Some are very meaningful too!
1) My Dream-Tiffany Alvord
It's a nice simple and inspirational song from one of my idols! Tiffany Alvord covers songs and posts them on Youtube. She released her new album My Dream in 2011 and I just discovered it yesterday! Check out other songs in the album too, it's nice to listen to.

2) In Your Arms- Kina Grannis
I love this song the most! The video is so nice and creative! They used real jelly beans and it took them 22 months to shoot the whole video! And they used 288 000 jelly beans, needed 30 people to help out, 2 ladders, a total of 1357 hours and just one still camera. When I watched the official video by her official channel, a Youtuber RogueMosquito1 commented that it must be hard to maintain the same hair style, hair length, skin tone and health condition for two years. I find that TRUE! ;)

3) Payphone- Maroon5
I like this song for it's tune, yeah. But I hate the rapping part by Wiz Khalifa because, well, although it's alright to most people, but I just don't find it matching with the song. No offence to Wiz Khalifa fans!

4)- Glad You Came- The Wanted
It's a very nice song and I love the chorus very much. I like Tiffany's cover on this song better than the original song by the band. But overall, both, the band and Tiffany, did great!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Give Your Heart a Break, You're Twelve!

What would you do if your best friend, A,has a crush on two guys who are your best friends too? And what would you do if your friend A is a girl, sensitive, cannot take the truth, can't stand reality and is causing small conflicts with her two crushes? 
My friend, A, is adding fuel to the fire now.
Just because of a small misunderstanding, she's taking things to a higher measure, us, Wiagil, Amril and I, just don't know how to help her and change her attitude and the way she sees things (Which is wrong!)
I don't hate her! Really! I love her, she's an awesome friend but recently this year she sort of changed a bit. 
Let's call her two crushes...B and C for example. 
She wrote each of them letters, telling them about how she thinks of them and why she hates them all of the sudden and so. 
In B's letter, she told him that she have loved him since like...about 3-4 years ago when she was Grade Four?! And now we're Grade Seven?!
In C's letter, she told him that she loved him but because HE did something to her that he was not supposed to do, she didn't want to talk to him anymore. And this conflict between A and C has been going on up till' now. What C did was reading her diary, but that was a long story and it occurred during November 2011, somewhere after we got our graduating certificates and others.
Well, that small issue was bout 70% solved I could say.
She said she loved C at first and even told me and other girls that she wanted to marry him! To the extend of that! And now she drops C and wants to love B?!?!?!?!?
The other time was a few months ago when A had an injection for HPV prevention, same for all the other girls in her class and they all went downstairs in the school hall to take the dose. Because, you see, in my country local females can get the vaccination for free and this year, Grade Seven and Eight students can just take it at their school with just filling the form, the dates to the injections are fixed too. Which is good for them, but for me, well I'm not a local so I have to pay extra $200 (which is still considered cheap for all three doses) and take the vaccination at the hospital or the district's health centre.  
Oh, and by the way, A isn't in the same school as I am, but we're still keeping in touch and we meet several times every month. When A entered the class she saw C and B opening her diary and just because of some misunderstanding that doesn't make much logic or sense, the three haven't talked until recently when some of us forced B and C to write letters to A, apologising for what they did.
B and C told us at a sushi restaurant many weeks ago, when A wasn't present with us cause she had high fever, that they opened it by accident and some other guys who were nearby snatched it. 
Well, Amril and the others tried to convince A that it's not completely their fault, and they didn't even read every entry in the diary!
Now, I don't know who's trying to save their face and lie, but I'm pretty sure it's NOBODY'S FAULT, JUST A MISUNDERSTANDING that to me, doesn't make sense! 
We should learn to speak out problems or issues instead of keeping them inside and being still full of hatred. 
And A is so full of revenge for the two guys, I mean, they didn't even did something that would be ever considered "pervertic" or sinful, RIGHT?! And yet A still blames them like they have commit some serious crime!
A also kind of 'used' C and dropped him all of the sudden and preferred to harbour feelings for B.
F**k logic?
No sense, aye?
No hard feelings for A, B and C but they really have to make up a solution for this!
We're a gang of best friends and these three get pulled into this little issue that became big because of A.
Honestly I think she was a little influenced with watching too much love dramas. She's a little obsessed with them! Well, more than a little to be precise!
She acts all sober and in despair just like those girls in movies when they are heartbroken and they don't take their meals, be idle and ignore anyone who talks to them. That's not life, just a drama that is meant for entertainment.
Oh welllllllllllll................................such complications.

Monday, 16 April 2012

B'day Stuff

Now, I'm just gonna post pictures of my birthday gifts from my awesome friends who spent lots of efforts in getting me a birthday gift and cards. 
My first two gifts two weeks ago on a Saturday from Wiagil and Vanessa.

Well, Wiagil gave me a photo album and an ICON NAVY pencil case which is quite huge anyway. I won't be planning to use it soon but I will make use of it one day! As for the photo album, I placed tiny notes and scribbles (Some stuff that I treasure) and tiny papers from friends who wrote birthday greetings to me. 

Vanessa gave me these two magnets. I gave her a square and much more tiny magnet which had the word "You are the type of friend everyone wants to have" and in return she gave me a rectangular magnet  that says "Best friends make the good times better and the hard times easier." The other one says "For every candle you blow out, make a special wish."
She's such a nice and loyal friend! Even though I have back-stabbed her countless times a few years ago and even TOLD her what I did because I hope she would change (Honestly she didn't do anything really wrong), she never had any vengeance towards me or plotted a vendetta against me. Everyone, including me, would love tons of friends who are just like her, right?!
Natasha randomly gave me the white teddy because she often comes over to my house and told me that I have lots of plushies (I love them all!), so she decided to give me a teddy bear. Well, what can you say? I love teddy bears :) I know it sounds childish but my love for these little things is incomparable! Teehee! 

Melanie gave me the blue and white Pop Urban notebook with the pictures of the Eiffel Tower and other landmarks in Paris and Rome. 

Wen Xin told me she was too busy so she gave me a pen and highlighter as a gratitude for our friendship. Haha, really random right? But it's useful anyway!

Sonia gave me a card (On the left) and a plastic Russian doll in pink that nods her head all the time. 

Amanda gave me the blue card on the right. Among all the gifts and cards, I think I love Amanda's card the most! She told me that she heard that I might live in Singapore this September and that she would never forget me for life, until she dies. She also said that she would forever cherish the times we spent together during marathons, running practices/trainings and track competitions. I would forever cherish those times too! They were so fun-filled an awesome! Such happy memories like those warms my heart, really....Aaah...

Amril gave me this nice box with two Burberry headbands inside with some candies. The headbands were nice and comfortable to wear too! I like the grey one with a golden teddy bear that has the word 'BURBERRY'. The blue polkadots one with a bunny was nice too, but slightly smaller compared to the other one. She also wrote me a card. Her handwriting is...oh my goodness- It's just so neat and tidy! I'll post a picture of her handwriting someday! 

One of my close friends, Kristen, gave me a card as well. Too bad I haven't got a picture of it. It's small but when you open it up, it's like stick-up or post-up storybooks. 

Buffday cake!

I only managed to snap two photos of my birthday cake with the IPad. So, here it is! My chocolate blackforest cake. It's really delicious by the way, and creamyyy. Yumm! The last slice of it was eaten by me a few hours ago today anyway. Since it was only a half-kg cake (Too little to feed my appetite for cakes), my mum suggested we get another cake if this one wasn't enough! *Grin* Do you know what this means? MORE CAKES! YESHH!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Fate/Zero Episode 15

Aaah! This episode wasn't so exciting and epic but it still was! Caster is now officially dead, but it all happened so fast. I miss seeing Caster and Uriyuu's close 'friendship' since both of them, master and servant, are dead. But I still hate them for killing little kids, aagh, it's scary. Here are pictures of Episode 15, I got these photos from Random Curiousity. I didn't save all of them because my laptop isn't being nice with me today.

 So these are the pictures I chose to save and post it up here in my blog! 
In this episode, Saber, Lancer, Rider and their masters are trying to figure a way out to try and stop Caster (in this tentacle-like thingy) from reaching land and attacking innocent civilians who know nothing about what they're doing and what's happening. 
Meanwhile, Kariya, the guy with white hair and blood on his face got owned by Tokiomi and I don't know what was Kirei's intentions to save Kariya and heal him. Perhaps Kirei wants to use him. This whole thing is a battle of life and death anyway. 
In the end, with some teamwork, Saber, Lancer and Rider with the help of Waver (Rider's master), Kiritsugu (Saber's master) and his wife Irisviel (White-haired and red-eyed mademoiselle), they managed to kill Caster. Caster remembers his first love Joan of Arc before dying. In mythology, Caster was Joan d'Arc's fighting partner/companion and friend and somehow got crazy after she died. 
In the next episode premiere, Lancer is going to be forced by his master to kill Saber. The two would make such a good couple! But all this friendship circle is coming to an end! How sad! 
The animations are getting pretty good too! Loving the new opening and ending song!