Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday :)

Hope you all a good day, bloggers. And hey! Good evening!
Recently, the flu season at home and at school is out again. And I fear that I'm going to have a sore throat anytime, soon...plus a wave of runnynose viruses are approaching as well! Bad, bad, bad news! I hate runnynose the most, as much as I hate headaches. At least you're able to breathe well when you're asleep but not when you have runnynose. I hadn't been watching or following up with latest animes nowadays because I have other activities to do. Well anyway, some of you probably heard of ICAS? It stands for International Common Assessments for Schools, and it comes all the way back from UNSW, a famous and well-known university in Australia. Every year, there will be a written assessment (Ranging from Grade 4 to Grade 10 only) in several countries, well, of course, not the whole world I'm sure. A few of them included my country Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, and a few others that I have forgotten. 
There are four subjects that you could take part in for ICAS: Science, English, Mathematics and lastly, ICT. This year, I took part in all four for the first time! 
I aimed to get two distinctions, one for English and the other for ICT, and at least two credits for Science and Mathematics. 
Today was my Science ICAS and I did really badly. Like last year, I have a 'high possibility' of getting another participation certificate, and not a credit or distinction. I was so disappointed! After doing the first twenty questions, the questions became tougher. Many questions included things I would only learn next year or even two years later!
Molecules, speed, ratio?! Yes, I haven't learn them all though I'm in Year Seven/ Garde Seven now. But it's okay, at least I still learn something new everyday! 
In Singapore, Grade Six students will take the ICAS papers that Garde Seven students in my country are taking!
I wonder how students living in Singapore cope with the big amount of stress they face everyday at school.
I have never experienced a busy and challenging, brain-tackling, twisting school life they had. But I know that there's one thing sure, they're not robots, and they probably sacrificed a lot of their time on studying and going to tuitions/tutors.
In the Sixth Form, the maximum subjects students can take in Singapore is NINE. Whereas in my country it's FIVE.
If I was not mistaken (either last year or this year's batch of Sixth Form students), nine Sixth Form students got NINE As for their A Levels. My sister only takes four subjects and is already stressed out and drained out of energy all day (but I could blame the weather and her school for not supplying air-conditioners in her lesson rooms, except for her Physics classroom...), but well, she's sort of a piggy. Sometimes slacking and watching animes, lazying, moaning, sleepy-all-day and insomniac person...Yeah, that's what my sister is like most of the time. Well, MOST of the time, that is, not ALL the time.
Anyway, I would love to see a day in a life of the Sixth Form students who achieved all As for nine subjects. I don't know if I would want to experience their type of life, school life, home life, sports life, or etc, because I'm not used to being pushed to the core to study chapter by chapter of a thick textbook in just one night. And I cannot be sleep-deprived. I'm trying to get myself used to being sleep-deprived, just in case of further stresses in my school life, but I'm still an intermediate-level in sleeping late and waking up early. Maybe a little more behind "Intermediate". 
Honestly, I quite like assignments, homeworks to be exact, but I sort of love using the Internet, blogging, surfing and reading stories or fanfictions on Wattpad, Facebook, music (when my dad's not around) more than academics now!
I'm now an addict to my laptop. And all this addiction developed from the start of April. Since three days of afternoon classes and extra curriculum activities were cancelled due to the field events at school on behalf of the 6th Annual Sports Day. Ughh!
Today I had a Maths short test straight after taking the Science ICAS, after Maths it was Malay and we had a short test too! I hope I'll get an excellent score for my Malay short test! And I'm ready to beat my rival-in-studies, Irina. No hard feelings! But I'm making sure I'm climbing up,up,up, halfway pushing her down,down,down. :) 

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