Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Recent Update :)

Hey there, bloggers! It's been three days since I updated my last entry about Fate/Zero episode twenty's latest release, and now I'm addicted to another great, exciting and new anime! Eureka Seven AO! Anime lovers, please check this out if you haven't! 
During my December holidays while my family and I were staying in Mid Valley Megamall's Boulevard Hotel, my dad used the internet to check out about 2012 Chinese zodiac predictions; what luck brings to our particular zodiacs and what to avoid or prevent. For the Rabbit (me), it was stated there that I should avoid laziness and self-indulgence. I couldn't avoid it, either way. It's just like stepping-you-foot-into-the-nail type of scenario. If you take the nail out, it will be painful to the core, if you don't, same thing. I'm already into this crazy thing: Facebook, Youtube, Wattpad, and now, surfing and watching animes for free online on! I even ditched my homework and promised myself that I will 'change' tomorrow, Thursday.
I can swear this happens all the time. 
Yay, I was watching Episode 3 then, and now I started watching Episode 5! 
I started an account on Wattpad few weeks ago and did a story about a girl named Emma. Well, I can't tell you more because there's this someone who knows my blog and reads it all the time, and I can't let her know my Wattpad account, because I 'prohibit' her from reading my story. She's a nosypant, trust me. And if you seriously want to check it out, you can comment here or post on my Google + profile which you are able to view by clicking my portfolio link on the right side, where you can see my name and an introduction about myself. Yepp :) Or email me at :D
I just hope I could get more views for my story!!
And if you're interested to know, it could help me build up more views!
xxx :)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Fate/Zero Episode 20- Return of the Assasin

The episode begin with Kirtisugu entering the storehouse with Maiya on her usual guard. Kiritsugu and Irisviel had a light chat for a while, and then, Irisviel took out 'Avalon' from her body and gave it to Kiritsugu, telling him that she no longer needs it as Kiritsugu must prepare for the final battle awaiting, and with the help of Avalon, he probably has a better advantage. Kiritsugu sort of apologised that Irisviel wasn't able to see everything of the globe that she had wished to see, the cherry blossoms, summer clouds. Irisviel added that if she wasn't able to see it, then let their daughter Ilya to be able to experience the feeling. 
Then, Kiritsugu left to Tokiomi's lair, intending to kill him without knowing that he had already been murdered.
When he sneaked around and observed Tokiomi's mansion home, he was shocked to see crows in the garden, which meant that they were no barriers, something unusual, because Masters always put barriers for people to gain excess to their homes. Just like if a Master or Servant intend to enter, the barrier will be able to signal Tokiomi and Gilgamesh (but they no longer share a Master-Servant relation). 
While Kiritsugu enters Tokiomi's home and searched about, Maiya and Irisviel (back at the storehouse) began talking. Irisviel asked Maiya of her background, why did she intend to be such a loyal person to Kiritsugu, why, at the very beginning did she want to fight?
Maiya was a child soldier, supposingly.
Meanwhile, Saber is spying Waver's home, as she wanted to fight them.
But Waver and Rider/Iskandar (His servant, they had not appear in many episodes) had a different plan. Waver is sort of 'camping' on his own in the exact spot where he first summoned Rider. Rider lost lots of mana and energy/strength since the epic battle as he teamed up with Saber and Lancer to defeat Caster and his master from destroying literally everything?
And now, Waver is staying by his side as Rider invisibly 'charges up' his energy.
Back at Tokiomi's residence, Kiritsugu used some 'spray' to identify the dry puddle of blood he had found in Tokiomi's empty 'oval office', the blood turned out to be Tokiomi's, and Kiritsugu had an answer to why they were no barriers and why was the mansion empty. Boring guy Tokiomi had been dead for a while, and he just knew.
Kariya awoke from a nightmare (Which was being strangled by his Servant Berserker) and found Matou Zouken in front of him. Evil Matou Zouken. 
Zouken placed more of his 'wormie creatures' and inserted a large one as Kariya helplessly gulped it down his throat and screamed.
Back at the storehouse, they were bullets shooting through it as Maiya panicked and quickly contacted Kiritsugu via her walkie-talky. As Kiritsugu placed the walkie-talky to his ear, he felt shocked and an urge of panic as he heard Irisviel's scream. Using a command seal he ordered his 'puppet' Saber to return to the storehouse immediately. Saber, as a Servant, received the urgent command and returned, only to find Maiya full of bullet wounds and Irisviel taken away by Rider. 
Dafuq (9gag language), right?!
The storehouse was a total damage too. And Saber sadly left Maiya alone to wait for Kiritsugu to come for her aid as she left in search of Rider/Iskandar, who has Irisviel know. And I don't freaking know why but somehow Rider is kind of stupid doing this, and calling Saber a 'stupid girl'.
When Kiritsugu returns to the storehouse, he finds Maiya there, miraculously, still alive. Maiya told him not to cry, that he had to keep his tears for his wife Irisviel. But then, poor old Kiritsugu did cry. Maiya then...died. Maiya Hisau is dead.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Money The Cat.

So let's say, Money the cat almost made my day? Who's Money, you're probably wondering about that question right now when you're reading this, aren't you? 
Money is my best friend Nurul Afiyah's new pet cat (probably a few months since he was first welcomed into her household). By the way, I call Afiyah "FIYAH" for short! Well, that's her nickname anyway! Money is orangish and yellow with beautiful brown and yellow spots all around his body. He looks most gorgeous when he is playfully lying on his back with his paws on his chest area, in a curved position. You could see that his belly has stripes and more white fur. It really looks nice and his pink-peach paws are so clean. Fiyah's sister, Wafiyah, can't stand seeing Money's paws dirty so she often cleans his paws, and also bathes him. 
Money is hyper active and often gives people mini heart attacks by randomly staying still, and in less than a nanosecond, he pounces towards you. According to Fiyah, once, she was brushing her teeth and all of the sudden, Money appeared and pounces towards her. Fiyah immediately climbed up onto the sink and stayed there, afraid that Money playfully and yet painfully scratch her. 
After watching The Girl with A Dragon Tattoo (Not a family movie, recommended to you if you're at least mature enough and probably fifteen years and older, and perhaps watch it with friends or alone, but just...not a family type of movie), we waited for our transports and our mums to pick us up and we played with Money after Wiagil drove away in her white car! 
Me and Kristen and also Fiyah (But she played with her Nikon most of the time all through) took weeds and small plants and made Money chase it. Money playfully tried to catch the weeds and branches, and sometimes-halfway, he suddenly turns around and up and down and jump around wildly, as if he has been crucio-ed (A Harry Potter language). And that, freaked us out the most! Electrified cat! Haha, just joking.
Money reminds me of an Abyssinian cat. Abyssinian cats are most well-known for their energetic and extremely active characteristic. They're friendly and get along very well. Sociable cats, I would say. 
So, Money MADE MY DAY!
I can't wait to play with him again?
Scary moment of me today: Just in time where Money was eyeing me and Kristen, which means he was readying himself to leapt onto our feets, my mum's car turned into the drive way. Just as Kristen got away and leaped towards the house, Money leapt towards me and luckily, I GOT AWAY.
Mini heart attacks.
I thought I was gunna die and assumed that Money was going to scratch my feet until it bleed! 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

This afternoon at five after my piano lesson, my mum took a one minute drive to drop me at Coffee Bean where I would have a heavy snack time with Kristen, Karen and Eunice. I ate Chicago cheesecake and drank Caramel. The Caramel shake was extremely sweet and sugary! I always feel guilty whenever I eat or drink food/drinks that are over my sweet-food-limit. My brain gives me the signal like, "Hey you, you're gonna get diabetes." -.-
But I didn't finish the drink anyway. 
By the way, I'd love to thank Eunice's mother for paying for our snacks. 
We were sort of crazy and nutty there. Especially when me and Karen recalled singing Glad You Came by The Wanted and swapping and changing the lyrics a month ago during April. It was all due to a gathering and Karen had to be 2 hours and 30 minutes late due to her tuition and I was teasing her for being late! 
L to R: Karen, Me, Eunice & Kristen.

Behind Sea View Hotel,
next to Coffee Bean. 

Credits to Kristen for taking
this photo.

Behind Sea View Hotel.
Get it why it's called "SEA VIEW"?

I like this photo the most!
After having a bloated tummy, the four of us took a short-cut to the beach by entering Sea View Hotel and entering the beach from the back door. We didn't really stepped into the shore, we just stood at those palm trees randomly and pose on the sidewalks when Karen, Eunice and Kristen use their phones to take photos of themselves and of the four of us. Now they have the guts to do that! Picture themselves in front of public! Girls and guys nowadays. I never do that alone in public, unless it comes to photos with friends. But I still love them! 
I'm going to miss Eunice like hell because she mentioned that it would be about 80-90% that she will migrate to Canada this June. If it isn't this coming Summer month, then it would be by next year of next two years. Hopefully, oh please, let her stay in Brunei longer. We need to create more awesome memories and moments together!
That's all about our sweet snack time in Coffee Bean. :) Thanks for contributing your time to read this entry, bloggers!


Fate/Zero Episode 20

Oh no! A few more episodes until the end of this amazing anime series! I'm going to miss it so much! My Sundays are going to turn out less exciting than it used to be when you were still streaming with spoilers and exciting upcoming episodes, Fate/Zero. Well, here I present 6 snapshots of the episode premier! :))

Am I the only one who thinks that Waver looks like a girl in the image above? 
And something tells me that Irisviel is going to die pretty soon D": Sadly, according to what my sister mentioned, everyone in this show died except for Waver (Spoiler: His life was spared by Gilgamesh.) Don't blame me if the news turned out to be false, anyway. Teehee. 
So, here is the episode premier! Exciting right? :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hi Love.

My tempted brain had forced me to ditch studying and visit my Facebook, blog, and listen to songs via Youtube (I don't download songs, I simply listen to them on Youtube). Haha, how gigabyte-savvy am I? Just kidding. I haven't used the laptop for the past two days and I feel incomplete and empty. Quite a load of Chinese homeworks that I have to quicken my pace to complete them all because by tomorrow I need to submit all the assignments for the past month or two that I have ignored and pushed aside. Thank God I finished all of them today, except for the poem. Oops, I guess I'll just ditch it. Because, dear laptop, you know I love you more. 
Anyway, these days had been typical and usual ones. The only unusual thing is that I'm surfing to Instagram often because while I finish up writing my unfinished (But they are finished now! (: ), I use my IPad to use an English-Chinese/ Chinese-English dictionary app, and it's really, really useful! I don't have to invite my friends Sonia and Natasha to come over to my house and finish up Chinese essays together while they have to help me most. And it covers a lot of our time! Now at least I can help myself, even if some of my grammar aren't accurate or specific enough. 
Okaay, now I'm having this weird and envious feelings towards a friend. Well, she isn't a friend actually, we've never met in real life. It's just that my crazy best friend is best friends and tuition mates with her. And that girl, on the other hand, is best friends with my best friend as well! Apparently, this girl is pretty and very friendly to people. She's also kawaii and seems smart and popular. Aaagh! Like my Facebook status said, "When you envy this perfect girl even though deep down she's imperfect just like the rest but you just deny the fact and you continue envying her for no bad intention nor for no good reason." 
Sigh, Mei Lin, wake up! What were you saying again? Haha. 
Dangnabbit, it's 9.47 pm. Please pause time for me! :D....
--Request failed-- D:
True scenario ;) anyway...
That was pretty random but true and applies to all of us including you guys anyway! Haha. Heart to Heart by 4Minute and Shady Girl by Sistar is really good although it may sound kiddish and childish and girly. It's not that girly, actually. By the way, check out a cover on It Girl by Jason Chen and Megan Nicole. The cutest thing of the music video is when the song goes like "I just wanna rock all night long..." and Jason is holding a...rock? HAHAHAH that was so adorable, seriously! They look so cute and matching together! Naawww! Hahahaha!
That's all for a typical, lazing Wednesday, I suppose?
Goodnight- Although it may seem way too early for you to go to bed, to those coffee drinkers and midnight owls.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Fate/Zero Episode 19

Poor Kiritsugu, all the way since his childhood he had lived a sad, miserable life up till' now. First, witnessing his close friend and perhaps his first 'crush' Shirley becoming a vampire and watching the whole town he once lived in peace burn to shreds. He also killed his own father to prevent him from continuing his research on the Dead Apostles (vampires, stuff like that...), to prevent more deaths of innocent people. 
And in this episode, he had killed Natalia. I liked Natalia. She was a good character, a strong and confident one too. 
The episode begins with Kiritsugu (maybe in his teenage years) waking up with bandages around his ribs and chest as he moans in pain. Natalia stood beside him smoking and told him that she powdered some of his ribs and put the parts into a total of 66 bullets. She told Kiritsugu that his 'origin' will materialize in anything shot by the certain bullet. 
The episode then shows Kiritsugu's childhood spent with Natalia after the incident in Amarigo Island, where the whole tiny town became full of ghouls or so-called vampires (Watch the previous episode to kill your curiosity). It also shows some scenes where Kiritsugu and Natalia work as a team to assassinate some dude. It also presses on Kiritsugu's life growing up with Natalia. 
Okay, so this is where things get interesting.
Natalia is tracking down a mage named Odd Vorzak. 
Odd Vorzak uses 'bee familiar's to raise his number of ghouls. Yes, with those killer bees stinging humans, turning them into ghouls. When one gets bitten by another ghoul, he/she will instantly become one too. Gross, right? Yeaaah. 
Apparently, they have tracked him town and in four days' time he would be taking a flight from Paris to New York. Most likely he had some allies he eagerly had to meet in New York. Kiritsugu was given a task to eliminate all the allies after tracking them down in New York while Natalia will do the job to get rid of Vorzak. 
In the flight, Natalia chose an empty seat behind Vorzak and placed a spell on Vorzak's seat that would connect to him, and kill him. Easily, Vorzak is dead.

Vorzak must have kept his bees in a suitcase and must have checked them in. Like Natalia said, it's impossible he kept his bees in a suitcase in the overhead compartment. 
Meanwhile, Natalia somehow managed to sneak down into the compartment where they keep checked-in bags and suitcases. She identified Vorzak's and killed all the bees he had kept hidden all the while. Thinking she had eliminated all the bees, she felt glad as a thought-to-be-difficult task turned out to be easy peasy. 
Natalia was dead wrong.
Vorzak not only kept the bees in his suitcase, but inside his body as well.
So when Natalia discovered that the whole plane is turned into a bloody place full of ghouls, she fought her way into the cockpit with the cockpit door locked and secured, and flew the plane. 
Kiritsugu knew if Natalia landed the plane, more people would be turned into ghouls.
Without Natalia knowing, Kiritsugu carried a missile weapon with him as he boarded a speed boat, at dawn right before sunrise. According to calculations, he knew the flight Natalia is on would cross the river the speedboat is now on. When the flight was identified up in the sky, Kiritsugu fired.
Natalia is dead and gone, just that way. She had sacrificed her life, without knowing though.
That explains why Kiritsugu was never happy. Poor kiddo. Poor guy, I mean. 
Sigh =n= Why did Natalia have to die? 

Fate/Zero Episode 19 Premier- Where Justice Is Found

I have seen the episode premier photos a few days ago but I was preoccupied by some other activity so I only made time for now to post them! Sorry if you guys had to wait for a longer time! D:

Honestly, come to think of it, Kiritsugu was quite good looking when he was younger.But, oh well, I still prefer Lancer! Haha. Too bad he's dead. Mehh =n= . Anyway, this episode focuses on Kiritsugu's background, just like the previous one. But according to what my sister said, this episode's far more interesting. The episode's out on Nicovideo now and I'm waiting for it to load. Promise I'll post an entry about this latest episode either today or Monday or Tuesday, when Random Curiosity releases the images. 

Thursday, 10 May 2012

I Could Fly :D

Goodness! I feel so glad! I'm full of excitement and anticipation right now. There's an upcoming marathon in the capital city of Bandar Seri Begawan (an hour and a half's drive away from here) that will start at Waterfront, on the 8th of July.
Students participating will be put into Category F. There are nine categories so far, ranging from different ages and abilities.
Wanna hear the most exciting part? Top ten runners ranging from Category A to F will get a trophy and hamper, plus a certificate. Everyone will get finishing medals, as well!
Now, come to think of it, if I ever get Top 10, I'll get a finishing medal, a trophy, hamper and a certificate, and hopefully stand a chance to win something in the lucky draw.
This is so interesting and exciting.
Me, Zhi Shuen and Amanda are really looking forward to this run, which takes place on a Sunday. The bad part is waking up early at probably 3 or 4 am. Grr. But a run's worth it, the rewards are so worthy too! The entry fee for my category is twenty-five Brunei dollars. Not that bad. It won't be a waste of money. Everyone will get finishing medals, right?! *"So much win!" face expression*
Before thinking about all this running and winning and crossing the finish line and receiving a medal and probably others, we have to consult Teacher Joan and tell her about the organisation. I hope only my classmates and I will be participating, I don't want anyone else from the school to join in because then, it would be tougher and harder and double the training schelude in order to beat them.

So, this was the poster of the organisation.
This whole thing is a little more exciting than everything else!
The organizers are so good in making sure that this run is attractive to other people and that they want to gain more participators. The prizes are just too good to be true! Runs organised in the Belait District aren't as good enough. Top 10 or Top 5 winners will only get goody items like a tee shirt and a bag, or some pair of sport shoes that doesn't even fit your size, which is a waste, unless you give it away to someone who fits in them perfectly and is seeking a pair of sports shoes. Sometimes, you just get a lame stereo set where you don't even need it or use it. My friend Patricia and her sister Stephanie got two stereo sets, once. Patricia's a runner and she was disappointed when they were no medals attained.
Anyway, may this run be a fun and delightful and fulfilled one!

Aah, I'm blogging during my ICT lesson again!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Hey guys!
Have you heard of the Korean girl band called SISTAR? The band name may sound cheesy and childish but I'm really into their songs! They sound great even though they're not the best girl band in Korea. They are four members of the band:

Bora보라Yoon Bo-ra윤보라January 30, 1990 (age 22)
Hyorin효린Kim Hyo-jung김효정January 11, 1991 (age 21)
Soyu소유Kang Ji-hyun강지현February 12, 1992 (age 20)
Dasom다솜Kim Da-som김다솜May 6, 1993 (age 19)
Omigod! I just realised it's Dasom's birthday only three days ago. By the way, I can see that Hyorin is the most famous among their band due to her great voice. But that doesn't mean that Bora, Soyu and Dasom stink. I find them all talented (and drop dead pretty T.T ) in their own styles and ways. 
Their recent release, Alone, is currently the song that I'm addicted to listening. I used to love their song Ma Boy and How Dare You, but I got easily bored after listening to these two songs non-stop all the while whenever I use my laptop. But that was months ago. 

They're many other songs by them that aren't bad at all, such as Push Push and So Cool. But I'm not really into them. Recently, I started liking Lead Me. Try listen to it, at first, I thought it has some similarities to their song Ma Boy but it was far, far different. Many people are comparing their song Alone to a band called 4minute's song Volume Up. I only watched and listened to one-third of the video a few days ago because I suddenly remembered that I had something urgent to do. I find the beginning of the video creepy and weird, but that's just because I haven't got used to it. Maybe I'll try to listen to it again.

Anyway, my favourite member is Bora because she's so kawaii! I came across a video of the four best friends practising their dancing skills for their performance of Alone and at the end of the video, Bora shouted "KYAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!"
Many Youtubers are complaining that this is sex appeal and that Korean singers spend more than half of their singing career caring about their looks. Look, I know that many Koreans go for plastic surgeries to have better looks, but why bring in the sex appeal topic? At least their videos aren't like those American videos. But anyway, I still appreciate their music. I just love their songs!
This was the video where Bora shouted "KYAAH!" :DD By the way the video's five minutes long.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Avengers Feedback.

Hey, guys!
So yesterday I went to the cinema to watch the Avengers movie which lasted for about two and a half-hours. I completely enjoyed watching the movie even though the cinema theatre was new and the air-conditioner was freezing cold plus the rashes were worsening, it wasn't able to distract me from keeping my eyes off the screen.
Captain America is so good looking! 
Captain America has that "I'm incredible" look, doesn't he?
In case you guys have not watch this show, let me tell you it's AWESOME in 3D and there are some comedy parts. I find it amusing when Captain America and Iron Man/ Tony Stark always argue and have disagreements, but in the end they all worked as a team to defeat the villain Loki. 
Natasha Romanoff, played by Scarlett Johansson, is so beautiful and attractive in the movie! O_O And I just remembered she was the one in the Dolce & Gabbana perfume advertisement that me and my sister used to chuckle about. Sorry, no offence, Scarlett?

Bryan Hargrave's Blog

Bryan Hargrave's Blog: you arent a photographer. you dont even play one o...: as you may well know, i hate instagram. to put it a but more fairly to the application, i hate the people that use instagram. w...


On my "Aloha Thursday!" entry, I mentioned having itches on my body and red spots that grows bigger the more I scratch, right? Yesterday night, right after sunset, my mother took me to the hospital to get medicine because the rashes won't stop irritating me, plus the two other clinics were already closed (We prefer to go to clinics instead). 
So I got three different types of tablets I need to take daily with water and a body lotion that does nothing but prevents it from itching. My body looks like it's covered with cement after applying it. One of the tablets is strong and causes drowsiness. Why is that I always get something that has something to do with taking medications? Thanks for that, I can't go to my running practice at school. My teacher/ trainer will definitely kill me. I haven't went to practices for almost two weeks now. I'm in deep crap.
Anyway, today I went to Tandoor Hut and ate 'roti canai' with my mum and sister. Then, my sister rushed to the next door stationary shop 'BISMI' and bought an instrument set. It's funny how everyone is prone to losing their instrument sets, including me. I took my time admiring the Cath Kidston bags and decided to get one for myself! 
I had a hard time deciding which one of the bags should I get, the brown one with white polka dots, the one with tons of blooming flowers or the one above, filled with amazing coloured drawings of some famous landmarks in England. I finally chose the one with famous landmarks because I find the drawings nice and splendid and suiting for me. Plus, I'm not a big fan of flowers and you can see polka dots everywhere, almost anywhere, and it seems just so plain. I found out my new addiction besides Fate/Zero, bags. 

Few weeks ago, my dad came back from a few days' trip in Singapore and Batang, Indonesia. He came back with a jar of sticky candy and I discovered it and immediately screamed "STICKY CANDY!" happily upon my discovery. Well, my dad didn't really know that sticky candies are very famous and delicious. He meant to give it to his friend by surprise but due to curiosity he kept the sticky candy for us. I love gummy bears more but that doesn't mean that sticky candies stink. My dad saw the process of how they made the sticky candies. They are hand-made, chopped, and placed on a pan to put the flavourings and etc. I wish I could see the making process, it would be so interesting! And yes, I'll take photos of it and post it to my blog for you guys to see!

Anyway, thank God it's Friday! No school! No work! No waking up early! 
Tomorrow's a Saturday, back to the weekends! Great! :)) Time flies by so soon. In a blink of an eye and I'll be graduating. Sad. 

Fate/Zero Episode 18 Premier

Fate/Zero Ep18 Premier:

This is the first time I don't feel much excitement for an upcoming Fate/Zero episode. To start off, I never liked Kiritsugu. HAHA.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Aloha Thursday!

Morning, bloggers!
So, yesterday my classmate Nigel Hu brought a large tupperware full of mini pizzas with tomaton sauce, sausage and slices of cheese as topping. Well, my parents always think that I'm allergic to Pizza Hut's cheese but I'm actually not. I've eaten them four times without any itches or rashes on my body. But this time, somehow the cheese Nigel's mum used to add on the mini pizza as topping contains some chemicals that made some parts of my body covered with tiny, red dots.
The more I scratch, the more the dots get larger and spreads to other areas.
Last night, almost my whole body was itching. Aagh!
I didn't tell my mother that nearly my whole body had those 'rashes' otherwise she would probably take me to the doctor this afternoon instead of allowing me to watch Avengers 3D with my friends and my teacher Mr. Philip at the cinema.
Personally, I find the price a little expensive and I didn't want to watch it at first place. But I sort of miss watching 3D shows and due to Wiagil's persuadings I finally decided to pay for the cinema fees.
Yesterday I finally started doing something beneficial! I did my Chinese homework (It's still a mess actually), which is writing an essay about the importance of friendship. I simply wrote it and some words, I directly translated them with the English to Chinese dictionary. I don't know how would my Chinese teacher feel while she marks it. I'm trying my best to improve in my Chinese language because I don't want to regret not knowing anything about my origin and cultures in the future. As a Chinese, I should feel proud being one. And I am! ^^
By the way, I'm in my ICT lab now and I'm in a rush to go now! Bye blogggers!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Jason Chen

Do you guys know Jason Chen? He's a Youtube star with an amazing voice and great songs that make true sense unlike what you hear nowadays on the radio. 
These are some of his stuff, "Music Never Sleeps" items and best friend wrist bands that you can buy online!
For your information, Music Never Sleeps and Best Friend are one of the two songs sung by Jason Chen. They are great songs, check them out! Check out my favourite song of Jason too, called "Burns". 
I would seriously love these....SCROLL DOWN ;)

If you never heard of Jason, here's an image of him.

Welcome May!

Hey, bloggers!
Today's another Tuesday I misused to ditch homeworks and practicing Integers. I'm really bad at them and I have a test (assessment actually, known as BCAT) on this syllabus this coming Saturday. We are actually going to be paired up with another classmate, either depending on our attendance list or our seat mates. I'd rather they pair us by our attendance list. My seat mate is a nice timid kid but he really gets things mixed up and turns them into...salad, maybe? No hard feelings. Sometimes I feel sorry for him though, sometimes me and everyone else find him annoying but his intentions weren't the way we see it as. 
He's actually very,very nice! But so often I lose my temper and show how irritated I was. Poor timid seat mate!
Anyway, I just finished a short fantasy storybook titled "The Edge Chronicles: The Last of the Sky Pirates." 
It is suitable for children under 12, but that doesn't mean anyone older than 12 can't read it! 
They are many books that are a part of the The Edge Chronicles series, but split into different trilogies, meaning complete different stories. 
The Rook Trilogy has three books: The Last of the Sky Pirates, Vox and Freeglader. I just finished the first book about half an hour ago. I already borrowed the second book from the library. I find the illustrations in the storybook simply creative and the words are easy to understand. 
I discovered that my school library has lots of old National Geographic Issues even dating back to the 1970s! They filled almost half of a wooden shelf at the corner. Too bad it isn't available for borrowing. How disappointing! 
The other bad part is that the library opens until four in the afternoon and they are only open during break time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 
We all have school activities to do and there is no way we can get access to the library except for recess which lasts only for fifteen minutes. 
I'd love to suggest a self-study section in the library one day when the school is closed for renovation, somewhere in the future. But it will be a looongggg time before that even happens. In Brunei Darussalam, you can hardly see much big changes. You don't leave Brunei and four years later, there's a Disneyland Park in the capital. Not so soon yet, but the country's trying its best to improve and I'm a little relieved about it. But there is still so much more services they should provide and public facilities as well. Still a long road to being one of the most richest and successful countries in the world, but day by day everyone improves or learns something new, right?
PS: May, please be good to me!