Friday, 15 June 2012

Four Hours.

Hello people :D
I quite missed blogging since I've spent so much time sharing my story on Wattpad, and I officially published my second latest story, it's a collaboration of Sci-Fi and romance. It's a story about war. Check out my Wattpad on my Google+ profile. 
It would help me a lot if you could read my story, and I know I don't have an extremely high command of English. But I hope that'd be okay for you guys.
On Friday, 9th of June, I went to my bestie Amril's home.
Since it's a day before my most awaited moment (HOLIDAYS (:<), we could easily sit back and relax. Fiyah came along too, and it's great to see her again even if I just went over to her house for a group study a day ago on Thursday. 

At first, we literally had no idea of what to do. We just sat on a mattress in her 16 degree Celcius room and chit-chatted. 

Before Fiyah came, Amril showed me some of the books she and her sister had bought at the SMSA Bookfair last Sunday & Saturday.
And since I haven't used my Lumix camera for quite a while, I snapped some random shots of her stuff and some plushies.
And this is Amril's Canon Powershot G12.

We got quite bored as we waited for Fiyah to come so Amril read me out some funny quotes and rules about stray cats from a book called The Cat Fanatic which is pictured above. 
And leaning on her head is her Build-A-Bearville teddy bear named Muffin!

After Fiyah arrived, we took some random photos before heading outside to see Amril's cats and walk around her house.


Meet Momo! The oldest (and is a young grandma cat) cat in Amril's household. She loves taking afternoon naps in Amril's mother's facial room on the sofa, as you can see on the photo above. She's really adorable and quite lovable, too!
But you can pat and stroke her fur on some certain times because sometimes she goes into a bad mood and hisses.
She has two daughters, yeah, daughter cats, the others were all given away and her two remaining adult daughters are named Cit-Cit and Ubi. 
Cit-Cit's eyes are yellowish-golden. Her body is grey and brownish with nice stripes. Amril loves her the most because you can simply cuddle her anytime you want or feel like! But she doesn't like being taken in pictures, and those 'Snap!Snap!' sounds of the cameras quite annoy here, judging from what Amril had told me and a small, short experience too.
Ubi is shy, cuddly and fat! She's very cute and I love her a lot. She is white in colour with black spots all around her body, head and tail! She has gorgeous green eyes.
This black cat is Silky! She is either Cit-Cit or Ubi's daughter (Amril had forgotten). She has slightly thick fur compared to the other cats in the household and she's perhaps, as fat as Ubi! And her tail is fluffy! 

There's still quite a few more of cats but I haven't took any photos of them because either my camera wasn't with me at that time or something else :P.
We walked to a next door house where Amril's relative owns it (So it's okay to walk aroudn the area) and I was being random again, snapping more photos.
Me, Fiyah and Amril had a group photo before heading back into the house and playing a game of dare. Whoever laughs will have to complete a dare. And I was the first one to laugh and I had to fulfill an extremely hilarious but stupid dare. Next was Afiyah's, and Amril's one, she had to dance while Fiyah played Wannabe by the Spice Girls.
She didn't dance. She practically sat on the bed and did some 'hand' moves and roll around or something. Haha.

That was most of what we did for four hours at Amril's crib. The photos above are taken by my Lumix, whereas most of the nice and awesome photos were taken by Fiyah's Nikon and Amril's Canon. But I have no idea when will they donate their photos to me >< HAHA! I guess that's all about that marvelous day! 

See you around, readers & bloggers & randomers.

My Facebook account forever remains private but I guess it's damn easy for you guys to find me on Google's search. ._. But I will never add strangers. 

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