Sunday, 17 June 2012


Hey guys!
So, today, since it's Father's Day, my dad brought us all to Miri. Well, most Bruneians, especially those from Kuala Belait, often spend time with their family members by going to Bandar or Miri, either to catch a movie or just shopping. Bandar, the capital, is about an hour and a half's (or less, depends on your car.xD) journey from KB. And Miri, takes about an hour, if there's completely no traffic, it could be less than that.
We went to Popular book store at Parkson (Bintang MegaMall) and I met Wiagil and her sister Widya. I saw my ex-classmate and best friend Christina too, with her family as they ascended the escalators to the highest floor after we descended FROM the highest floor. I also saw my ex-English teacher Mdm. Yong with her daughter Cynthia and her husband crossing a pedestrian. 
I also saw the twins David & Daniel at Popular. And my mum met her old friend.

And after that we went to eat seafood at Meng Chai restaurant which was located by the roadside. And my dad had told me that around seven-thirty or earlier every night, the whole restaurant would be crowded with people.

We ate 'giant' prawns, some random plate of veggie (I never pay attention to veggies, sorry veggie :P), 'bamboo' clams in curry sauce and fresh fish. It wasn't enough to fill up my tummy so after eating dinner there, we headed to the Desserts shop located in town, a rather huge area with tons of Kopitiam (Coffee shops), stalls and stuff like that. 
Desserts sell the best ice-creams! You should try the Cookie-&-Cream flavoured ice-cream. It's fresh and creamy and mmmlicious!
As me, my sis & my mum enjoy a scoop of ice-cream and cone each in the car, my dad drove us back to Kuala Belait.

Here are the books I bought at Popular:

Catching The Sun by Tony Parsons is a story about a family having a little getaway to the island of Phuket in Thailand, thinking that they would find 'paradise' there but it turned out to be the other way round. I flipped through the book and saw that it has positive reviews from the Sunday Telegraph, New York Times and etc. So I decided to buy it!

Jasmine Skies by Indian author Sita Brahmachari won the Carnegie Medal, and many other awards particularly regarding children's book awards. 
I decided to buy it because 1)The cover was attractive. 
2) The text inside was just the right size, and I don't like books that have small texts. They're just so hard to read for me.
3) This book won the Carnegie Medal, I know many other books did too but not ALL & EVERY book did! So it proves that this book IS good. It has lots of positive reviews too. And she's a bestselling author (Same goes for Tony Parsons!)

I guess it was a huge mistake for me to buy the Shiver Trilogy, which has three books. When I was at Popular, it was wrapped in plastic and we're unable to rip the plastic open, of course. So I guess today I judged a book from it's cover. These three books contains romance and is about werewolves. == Ughh. I hid it in a box in my room just in case my parents found it or something. 

That's all I have to say for today. Thanks for reading, guys!
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Lastly, arigatou ;)) and farewell until my next entry!

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  1. So, will you enjoy the Shiver, Linger and Forever books? Why would you worry if your parents found them? Just asking! Check me Wattpad soon!