Friday, 15 June 2012

Listen Or Regret.

It's an unfortunate thing that not many of you guys heard of the band The Cab. Last year they recently released their new album Symphony Soldier and a few of their singles ROCK ;).

The Cab- Endlessly (Co-written by Bruno Mars) 
One of the best songs by them! ^_^ And I'm still in love with this.
This song sorts of describe a guy saying that he isn't that rich or affordable to get EVERYTHING for the girl he long dreamed and awaits for. But he just hopes that this girl appreciates his love. This song is so meaningful.
Especially these parts:
"There's a shop down the street,
where they sell plastic rings,
For the quarter apiece,
I swear it.
Look I know that it's cheap,
not like gold in your dreams,
But I hope that you'll still wear it."

"There's a house on the hill,
with the view of the town,
and I know how you adore it.
So I'll work everyday,
through the sun and the rain,
until I can afford it."

Touching if a guy sings this to you? ;D HAHAHA. YES. TOUCHING.

The Cab- Angel With A Shotgun (One of their best singles)
I LOVE THIS SOSOSOSOSOSO MUCH! Even though I got so bored of listening to it non-stop for continuous hours each day. But not today. I've got bored to the core. I'm now addicted to the next song by The Cab that I shall introduce. 
So, My Wattpad story (Wattpad is a place where people show their potential in writing and share their stories) title Angel With A Shotgun, is about war, and it's based on this song as well! 
So, I could as well say that...
I'm terribly sorry Directioners, but I 100% agree that their band is better. And don't argue with me because I'm speaking out my opinion. It's just that The Cab doesn't have as much publicity as One Direction gets. And plus I know the One Direction guys are wayyyyy far moreeee good-looking. So that's also a reason why.

So this is the song I mentioned previously that I am currently addicted to! This is one of their best singles too.
When I was on Youtube reviewing this video and stuff, as I scrolled down, one of the top comments said:
"Animal- Co-written by Adam Levine
 Endlessly- Co-written by Bruno Mars
 Angel With A Shotgun & Bad- Their best singles"
True Story.
But Endlessly was also a GREAT song. 
Animal is too...well 'wild', maybe?

When I asked my friends, among all The Cab's songs, they love this the most. For me, at that time, I was still in love with their Angel With A Shotgun song. So I did sort of disagreed to them on my opinion. Haha.
This song is rather catchy too. And I did not say that I'm not in love with it.

This is ONE OF MY FAVOURITES! Wait-no, huh?- They are all my favourites actually. I honestly, can't pick the best. 

You guys MUST listen to all these songs above that I had recommended, all sang by the same & amazing band, The Cab!
I'm dedicating all these songs above (Maybe except for Bad & La La), to my story in Wattpad Angel With A Shotgun. These songs are going to be dedicated to my characters, and Angel With A Shotgun will be dedicated to my WHOLE story, the rest I leave for the characters.
Psst, here's a spoiler: Living Louder will be dedicated to one of my characters (Guess: Girl or guy?) when she/he DIES. 
And...the rest are for you to feel clueless about and guess! ;)

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