Friday, 15 June 2012


My addiction used to be blogging.'s all about Wattpad! :D

Please check out my two stories (Especially Angel With A Shotgun)! I need your help here, if you do have an account by coincidence, you may vote & comment. Giving feedbacks or criticism? I'm okay with that! ;) 
Username: meilinsayshi :D

1) Angel With A Shotgun (Sci-Fi, slight Romance, Action)
Life in District IX wasn't getting any better for seventeen year-old Emerfidia until one fateful night, she was abducted to become a part of the planet's high-tech capital Cannery's successful 'One Thousand People' project to abduct a thousand people below twenty from all ten districts to be a trained strong and determined soldier, fighting in the Fifth Dynastial War which occurs every thousand years. But that's not the only thing, the rebellions are back, and so are the Freedom Fighters. In this appalling and gruesome fight for victory, Emerfidia finds herself tangled in a love triangle, and uncovering a single bright spark of hope that lays only in her hands, she discovered that she isn't just an ordinary fighter. But a protector of humanity, and perhaps, their last and final hope?

2) The Broken Fade (Teen Fiction, Romance)
16 year-old beauty Emma Collins thought she that she was leading a perfectly perfect life until the arrival of the heart crumbling news of her parents' death appear at her doorstep. As everything slowly began to topple before her, will Emma finally be able to face reality in the face and challenge destiny and truth in this final round, together with her considerate and caring friends? This story of Emma, Cath, Hazel, Aurel and Krissy's never ending circle of friendship reveals it all.

If you ever spent time to read my stories (or story, reading ONE of them can already make a difference to me!), then I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

You may check out some of my friends' Wattpad accounts though a few of them haven't published their stories since some of them are new.
Credits to Wiagil for making all the covers for my stories and for introducing Wattpad to me! Otherwise I would've been dead for days from holiday boredom.

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