Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Recent Update :)

Hey there, bloggers! It's been three days since I updated my last entry about Fate/Zero episode twenty's latest release, and now I'm addicted to another great, exciting and new anime! Eureka Seven AO! Anime lovers, please check this out if you haven't! 
During my December holidays while my family and I were staying in Mid Valley Megamall's Boulevard Hotel, my dad used the internet to check out about 2012 Chinese zodiac predictions; what luck brings to our particular zodiacs and what to avoid or prevent. For the Rabbit (me), it was stated there that I should avoid laziness and self-indulgence. I couldn't avoid it, either way. It's just like stepping-you-foot-into-the-nail type of scenario. If you take the nail out, it will be painful to the core, if you don't, same thing. I'm already into this crazy thing: Facebook, Youtube, Wattpad, and now, surfing and watching animes for free online on! I even ditched my homework and promised myself that I will 'change' tomorrow, Thursday.
I can swear this happens all the time. 
Yay, I was watching Episode 3 then, and now I started watching Episode 5! 
I started an account on Wattpad few weeks ago and did a story about a girl named Emma. Well, I can't tell you more because there's this someone who knows my blog and reads it all the time, and I can't let her know my Wattpad account, because I 'prohibit' her from reading my story. She's a nosypant, trust me. And if you seriously want to check it out, you can comment here or post on my Google + profile which you are able to view by clicking my portfolio link on the right side, where you can see my name and an introduction about myself. Yepp :) Or email me at :D
I just hope I could get more views for my story!!
And if you're interested to know, it could help me build up more views!
xxx :)

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