Saturday, 24 March 2012

Day Gon' Bad

Well, unfortunately, what I have been waiting for most turned out upside down. Things turned out like this: One of my friends called Cinema A and asked if The Hunger Games were gunna premiere or not that day, the person who picked up the phone at Cinema A said yes, at 1pm,2pm and 3pm today. Apparently, we weren't heading to that cinema. My friend, by mistake, made the wrong call or something? So, well...we were actually heading to Cinema B. When we arrived there we were dumbfounded that the Hunger Games haven't premiered there yet. We just went to the arcade, ate food and dairy queen ice-cream. The oreo blizzard was nice, but my tummy's bloated. I think I'm bout to explode. I can't really say it's her fault, maybe half of this thing was but it's over anyway! I was just dissapointed that I couldn't watch The Hunger Games. Crappp. Tomorrow's the last day of heaven. I seriously need to go back to December, where I could completely enjoy the holidays. 10 days--not enough. Honestly, nothing's ever enough for me. I didn't really enjoyed this day, suppose my friends didn't as well. It wasn't any of our faults. At the arcade, they were a gang of Muslim guys acting gangster-ish. They didn't made any movement to disturb us or so, but we were just disturbed to see them there. Very roudy people they were. Pfft. So, we couldn't enjoy trying out games at the arcade because of them. Stupid dudes, I hate you for that ._. Hating's just my nature, nevermind that. Ate too much food today. John Carter seems like an incredibly nice movie. Hope I could watch it soon too.

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