Thursday, 22 March 2012

Field and Friday

I don't remember how many weeks ago was this but I remembered clearly that it was on a random friday afternoon. After recovering from a minor case of pneumonia, my parents told me that I had better stopped running and rest for at least a month! I was damn dissapointed. I couldn't really understand why. I missed two competitions, one was a 5-km marathon. I really love running, it's a passion. After visiting a private clinic for a check-up I went straight to my best friend Amril's house. Her house has some cozy atmosphere that gives you such a warmth feeling. That's why I love going to her house most! :)) That day, Amril and I together with our Indonesian buddy Wiagil walked to a football field beside her house. Amril brought along her Canon. We took awesome pictures on the field, acted dorky and ran around like mad people. That day, I completely forgotten about all the anger and sadness I've been through. It was really a marvelous day, filled with joy, fun and laughter. Wiagil, Amril and I can really do anything under the sun! :)

(L) Me and (R) Wiagil.
Credits to Amril for this amazing photo.

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