Friday, 23 March 2012

One of My Favourite Essays ;)

I decided to post one of my essays here :) So here it goes:

People said that nobody is perfect because we cannot live up to a thousand years old to learn everything in life. Although I am only 13 years old, I was glad to have known someone very remarkable. She had taught me that nothing remains impossible forever. Her name is Hailey, my Eurasian cousin.

Hailey had straight, long blonde hair. She had dyed some strands brown and black during her 15th birthday, Hailey was tall and had broad shoulders. She had emerald-green eyes and fair skin. Hailey had a slendner body figure and athletic legs, which she probably got from climbing trees in her backyard when she was younger.

Since she lived in Oklahoma, U.S., all her life, I was only able to meet her thirce in my entire life. I was nine years old when I first visited Hailey and her family. The atmosphere in her bungalow home was warm and cozy, During my 1-month vacation there, Hailey and I had built a treehouse as large as a classroom. We stuck pictures of us together on the walls and wrote the name of the boys we adored on the floor and covered the messy scribbles with a floor mat.

What was so interesting about Hailey is that although she doesn't have any siblings and much friends, she never gets bored. She is just so full of ideas and not to mention that she has really peculiar and wild imaginations! I remembered one Sunday morning I woke up finding my arms drawn by Hailey with flowers and heart shapes. She later told me that she couldn't sleep that night, so she took her crayons and marker pens to draw my arm. "I know you will never get mad with me!" She would say gleefully.

When she was a young teen, she tried bungee jumping and once, jumped down from a waterfall without getting hurt during a class picnic. Well, I could say her only hobby would be "Doing extraordinary things".

Hailey is a kind-hearted girl who also loves nature, just like me. She loves squirrels because of their bushy tails. She prefers road trips with a caravan than aeroplanes. Hailey hates being seasick or having jetlag. Other than that, she also plays the piano and guitar. But a few years ago she had quit her music school because she couldn't get along with her new teacher.

It was less than a year ago when Oklahoma was hit by a tornado storm. Many people died at the spot. Hailey was one of them. She was sixteen at that time. I'll miss her very much, and I still do now. But I accept the fact that she is gone forever. I will never ever forget this remarkable family member.

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