Monday, 26 March 2012

Second Term Begins.

Hmm, so today is the first day of my second term at school. I should make some resolutions for this term, probably I'll post a picture of my resolutions if I'm willing enough to do so. Today, my class teacher, Mr. Philip, gave us souvenirs from Bali, Indonesia and candies made of coconut. I loved the candy. Too bad each person had one. I bet some of my classmates secretly grabbed more than one, I should have done so too! Nyeah. Haha. It's six days to our school's talent show night. I'm not singing, but I'm going to support my friend Wiagil who's singing Today My Life Begins by Bruno Mars. This song really motivates me. I often listen to it last year when I was down and nervous for one of the marathons in the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan. Eventhough I didn't win, at least I was able to complete the run and participate in it. Hopefully, I'm able to post pics of it too!.....Meanwhile, I'm still unable to bring my sleeping patterns back to normal. Crapp :) And every morning at school I'll be sleep deprived and act drowsy and like a zombie, especially during the first and second lessons of the morning. So, that's  all. Nothing interesting happened on the first day of the second term, n'ways.....Goodnight :) If you're having the same time zone as my country.

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  1. good start on your blog mei! i will never even dare 2 post fotos on my blog. not that have a camera though, haha. see u, PAPA!