Thursday, 3 May 2012

Aloha Thursday!

Morning, bloggers!
So, yesterday my classmate Nigel Hu brought a large tupperware full of mini pizzas with tomaton sauce, sausage and slices of cheese as topping. Well, my parents always think that I'm allergic to Pizza Hut's cheese but I'm actually not. I've eaten them four times without any itches or rashes on my body. But this time, somehow the cheese Nigel's mum used to add on the mini pizza as topping contains some chemicals that made some parts of my body covered with tiny, red dots.
The more I scratch, the more the dots get larger and spreads to other areas.
Last night, almost my whole body was itching. Aagh!
I didn't tell my mother that nearly my whole body had those 'rashes' otherwise she would probably take me to the doctor this afternoon instead of allowing me to watch Avengers 3D with my friends and my teacher Mr. Philip at the cinema.
Personally, I find the price a little expensive and I didn't want to watch it at first place. But I sort of miss watching 3D shows and due to Wiagil's persuadings I finally decided to pay for the cinema fees.
Yesterday I finally started doing something beneficial! I did my Chinese homework (It's still a mess actually), which is writing an essay about the importance of friendship. I simply wrote it and some words, I directly translated them with the English to Chinese dictionary. I don't know how would my Chinese teacher feel while she marks it. I'm trying my best to improve in my Chinese language because I don't want to regret not knowing anything about my origin and cultures in the future. As a Chinese, I should feel proud being one. And I am! ^^
By the way, I'm in my ICT lab now and I'm in a rush to go now! Bye blogggers!

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