Sunday, 13 May 2012

Fate/Zero Episode 19

Poor Kiritsugu, all the way since his childhood he had lived a sad, miserable life up till' now. First, witnessing his close friend and perhaps his first 'crush' Shirley becoming a vampire and watching the whole town he once lived in peace burn to shreds. He also killed his own father to prevent him from continuing his research on the Dead Apostles (vampires, stuff like that...), to prevent more deaths of innocent people. 
And in this episode, he had killed Natalia. I liked Natalia. She was a good character, a strong and confident one too. 
The episode begins with Kiritsugu (maybe in his teenage years) waking up with bandages around his ribs and chest as he moans in pain. Natalia stood beside him smoking and told him that she powdered some of his ribs and put the parts into a total of 66 bullets. She told Kiritsugu that his 'origin' will materialize in anything shot by the certain bullet. 
The episode then shows Kiritsugu's childhood spent with Natalia after the incident in Amarigo Island, where the whole tiny town became full of ghouls or so-called vampires (Watch the previous episode to kill your curiosity). It also shows some scenes where Kiritsugu and Natalia work as a team to assassinate some dude. It also presses on Kiritsugu's life growing up with Natalia. 
Okay, so this is where things get interesting.
Natalia is tracking down a mage named Odd Vorzak. 
Odd Vorzak uses 'bee familiar's to raise his number of ghouls. Yes, with those killer bees stinging humans, turning them into ghouls. When one gets bitten by another ghoul, he/she will instantly become one too. Gross, right? Yeaaah. 
Apparently, they have tracked him town and in four days' time he would be taking a flight from Paris to New York. Most likely he had some allies he eagerly had to meet in New York. Kiritsugu was given a task to eliminate all the allies after tracking them down in New York while Natalia will do the job to get rid of Vorzak. 
In the flight, Natalia chose an empty seat behind Vorzak and placed a spell on Vorzak's seat that would connect to him, and kill him. Easily, Vorzak is dead.

Vorzak must have kept his bees in a suitcase and must have checked them in. Like Natalia said, it's impossible he kept his bees in a suitcase in the overhead compartment. 
Meanwhile, Natalia somehow managed to sneak down into the compartment where they keep checked-in bags and suitcases. She identified Vorzak's and killed all the bees he had kept hidden all the while. Thinking she had eliminated all the bees, she felt glad as a thought-to-be-difficult task turned out to be easy peasy. 
Natalia was dead wrong.
Vorzak not only kept the bees in his suitcase, but inside his body as well.
So when Natalia discovered that the whole plane is turned into a bloody place full of ghouls, she fought her way into the cockpit with the cockpit door locked and secured, and flew the plane. 
Kiritsugu knew if Natalia landed the plane, more people would be turned into ghouls.
Without Natalia knowing, Kiritsugu carried a missile weapon with him as he boarded a speed boat, at dawn right before sunrise. According to calculations, he knew the flight Natalia is on would cross the river the speedboat is now on. When the flight was identified up in the sky, Kiritsugu fired.
Natalia is dead and gone, just that way. She had sacrificed her life, without knowing though.
That explains why Kiritsugu was never happy. Poor kiddo. Poor guy, I mean. 
Sigh =n= Why did Natalia have to die? 

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