Thursday, 17 May 2012

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

This afternoon at five after my piano lesson, my mum took a one minute drive to drop me at Coffee Bean where I would have a heavy snack time with Kristen, Karen and Eunice. I ate Chicago cheesecake and drank Caramel. The Caramel shake was extremely sweet and sugary! I always feel guilty whenever I eat or drink food/drinks that are over my sweet-food-limit. My brain gives me the signal like, "Hey you, you're gonna get diabetes." -.-
But I didn't finish the drink anyway. 
By the way, I'd love to thank Eunice's mother for paying for our snacks. 
We were sort of crazy and nutty there. Especially when me and Karen recalled singing Glad You Came by The Wanted and swapping and changing the lyrics a month ago during April. It was all due to a gathering and Karen had to be 2 hours and 30 minutes late due to her tuition and I was teasing her for being late! 
L to R: Karen, Me, Eunice & Kristen.

Behind Sea View Hotel,
next to Coffee Bean. 

Credits to Kristen for taking
this photo.

Behind Sea View Hotel.
Get it why it's called "SEA VIEW"?

I like this photo the most!
After having a bloated tummy, the four of us took a short-cut to the beach by entering Sea View Hotel and entering the beach from the back door. We didn't really stepped into the shore, we just stood at those palm trees randomly and pose on the sidewalks when Karen, Eunice and Kristen use their phones to take photos of themselves and of the four of us. Now they have the guts to do that! Picture themselves in front of public! Girls and guys nowadays. I never do that alone in public, unless it comes to photos with friends. But I still love them! 
I'm going to miss Eunice like hell because she mentioned that it would be about 80-90% that she will migrate to Canada this June. If it isn't this coming Summer month, then it would be by next year of next two years. Hopefully, oh please, let her stay in Brunei longer. We need to create more awesome memories and moments together!
That's all about our sweet snack time in Coffee Bean. :) Thanks for contributing your time to read this entry, bloggers!


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