Friday, 18 May 2012

Money The Cat.

So let's say, Money the cat almost made my day? Who's Money, you're probably wondering about that question right now when you're reading this, aren't you? 
Money is my best friend Nurul Afiyah's new pet cat (probably a few months since he was first welcomed into her household). By the way, I call Afiyah "FIYAH" for short! Well, that's her nickname anyway! Money is orangish and yellow with beautiful brown and yellow spots all around his body. He looks most gorgeous when he is playfully lying on his back with his paws on his chest area, in a curved position. You could see that his belly has stripes and more white fur. It really looks nice and his pink-peach paws are so clean. Fiyah's sister, Wafiyah, can't stand seeing Money's paws dirty so she often cleans his paws, and also bathes him. 
Money is hyper active and often gives people mini heart attacks by randomly staying still, and in less than a nanosecond, he pounces towards you. According to Fiyah, once, she was brushing her teeth and all of the sudden, Money appeared and pounces towards her. Fiyah immediately climbed up onto the sink and stayed there, afraid that Money playfully and yet painfully scratch her. 
After watching The Girl with A Dragon Tattoo (Not a family movie, recommended to you if you're at least mature enough and probably fifteen years and older, and perhaps watch it with friends or alone, but just...not a family type of movie), we waited for our transports and our mums to pick us up and we played with Money after Wiagil drove away in her white car! 
Me and Kristen and also Fiyah (But she played with her Nikon most of the time all through) took weeds and small plants and made Money chase it. Money playfully tried to catch the weeds and branches, and sometimes-halfway, he suddenly turns around and up and down and jump around wildly, as if he has been crucio-ed (A Harry Potter language). And that, freaked us out the most! Electrified cat! Haha, just joking.
Money reminds me of an Abyssinian cat. Abyssinian cats are most well-known for their energetic and extremely active characteristic. They're friendly and get along very well. Sociable cats, I would say. 
So, Money MADE MY DAY!
I can't wait to play with him again?
Scary moment of me today: Just in time where Money was eyeing me and Kristen, which means he was readying himself to leapt onto our feets, my mum's car turned into the drive way. Just as Kristen got away and leaped towards the house, Money leapt towards me and luckily, I GOT AWAY.
Mini heart attacks.
I thought I was gunna die and assumed that Money was going to scratch my feet until it bleed! 

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