Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Welcome May!

Hey, bloggers!
Today's another Tuesday I misused to ditch homeworks and practicing Integers. I'm really bad at them and I have a test (assessment actually, known as BCAT) on this syllabus this coming Saturday. We are actually going to be paired up with another classmate, either depending on our attendance list or our seat mates. I'd rather they pair us by our attendance list. My seat mate is a nice timid kid but he really gets things mixed up and turns them into...salad, maybe? No hard feelings. Sometimes I feel sorry for him though, sometimes me and everyone else find him annoying but his intentions weren't the way we see it as. 
He's actually very,very nice! But so often I lose my temper and show how irritated I was. Poor timid seat mate!
Anyway, I just finished a short fantasy storybook titled "The Edge Chronicles: The Last of the Sky Pirates." 
It is suitable for children under 12, but that doesn't mean anyone older than 12 can't read it! 
They are many books that are a part of the The Edge Chronicles series, but split into different trilogies, meaning complete different stories. 
The Rook Trilogy has three books: The Last of the Sky Pirates, Vox and Freeglader. I just finished the first book about half an hour ago. I already borrowed the second book from the library. I find the illustrations in the storybook simply creative and the words are easy to understand. 
I discovered that my school library has lots of old National Geographic Issues even dating back to the 1970s! They filled almost half of a wooden shelf at the corner. Too bad it isn't available for borrowing. How disappointing! 
The other bad part is that the library opens until four in the afternoon and they are only open during break time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 
We all have school activities to do and there is no way we can get access to the library except for recess which lasts only for fifteen minutes. 
I'd love to suggest a self-study section in the library one day when the school is closed for renovation, somewhere in the future. But it will be a looongggg time before that even happens. In Brunei Darussalam, you can hardly see much big changes. You don't leave Brunei and four years later, there's a Disneyland Park in the capital. Not so soon yet, but the country's trying its best to improve and I'm a little relieved about it. But there is still so much more services they should provide and public facilities as well. Still a long road to being one of the most richest and successful countries in the world, but day by day everyone improves or learns something new, right?
PS: May, please be good to me!

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