Thursday, 10 May 2012

I Could Fly :D

Goodness! I feel so glad! I'm full of excitement and anticipation right now. There's an upcoming marathon in the capital city of Bandar Seri Begawan (an hour and a half's drive away from here) that will start at Waterfront, on the 8th of July.
Students participating will be put into Category F. There are nine categories so far, ranging from different ages and abilities.
Wanna hear the most exciting part? Top ten runners ranging from Category A to F will get a trophy and hamper, plus a certificate. Everyone will get finishing medals, as well!
Now, come to think of it, if I ever get Top 10, I'll get a finishing medal, a trophy, hamper and a certificate, and hopefully stand a chance to win something in the lucky draw.
This is so interesting and exciting.
Me, Zhi Shuen and Amanda are really looking forward to this run, which takes place on a Sunday. The bad part is waking up early at probably 3 or 4 am. Grr. But a run's worth it, the rewards are so worthy too! The entry fee for my category is twenty-five Brunei dollars. Not that bad. It won't be a waste of money. Everyone will get finishing medals, right?! *"So much win!" face expression*
Before thinking about all this running and winning and crossing the finish line and receiving a medal and probably others, we have to consult Teacher Joan and tell her about the organisation. I hope only my classmates and I will be participating, I don't want anyone else from the school to join in because then, it would be tougher and harder and double the training schelude in order to beat them.

So, this was the poster of the organisation.
This whole thing is a little more exciting than everything else!
The organizers are so good in making sure that this run is attractive to other people and that they want to gain more participators. The prizes are just too good to be true! Runs organised in the Belait District aren't as good enough. Top 10 or Top 5 winners will only get goody items like a tee shirt and a bag, or some pair of sport shoes that doesn't even fit your size, which is a waste, unless you give it away to someone who fits in them perfectly and is seeking a pair of sports shoes. Sometimes, you just get a lame stereo set where you don't even need it or use it. My friend Patricia and her sister Stephanie got two stereo sets, once. Patricia's a runner and she was disappointed when they were no medals attained.
Anyway, may this run be a fun and delightful and fulfilled one!

Aah, I'm blogging during my ICT lesson again!

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