Sunday, 13 May 2012

Fate/Zero Episode 19 Premier- Where Justice Is Found

I have seen the episode premier photos a few days ago but I was preoccupied by some other activity so I only made time for now to post them! Sorry if you guys had to wait for a longer time! D:

Honestly, come to think of it, Kiritsugu was quite good looking when he was younger.But, oh well, I still prefer Lancer! Haha. Too bad he's dead. Mehh =n= . Anyway, this episode focuses on Kiritsugu's background, just like the previous one. But according to what my sister said, this episode's far more interesting. The episode's out on Nicovideo now and I'm waiting for it to load. Promise I'll post an entry about this latest episode either today or Monday or Tuesday, when Random Curiosity releases the images. 

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