Friday, 4 May 2012


On my "Aloha Thursday!" entry, I mentioned having itches on my body and red spots that grows bigger the more I scratch, right? Yesterday night, right after sunset, my mother took me to the hospital to get medicine because the rashes won't stop irritating me, plus the two other clinics were already closed (We prefer to go to clinics instead). 
So I got three different types of tablets I need to take daily with water and a body lotion that does nothing but prevents it from itching. My body looks like it's covered with cement after applying it. One of the tablets is strong and causes drowsiness. Why is that I always get something that has something to do with taking medications? Thanks for that, I can't go to my running practice at school. My teacher/ trainer will definitely kill me. I haven't went to practices for almost two weeks now. I'm in deep crap.
Anyway, today I went to Tandoor Hut and ate 'roti canai' with my mum and sister. Then, my sister rushed to the next door stationary shop 'BISMI' and bought an instrument set. It's funny how everyone is prone to losing their instrument sets, including me. I took my time admiring the Cath Kidston bags and decided to get one for myself! 
I had a hard time deciding which one of the bags should I get, the brown one with white polka dots, the one with tons of blooming flowers or the one above, filled with amazing coloured drawings of some famous landmarks in England. I finally chose the one with famous landmarks because I find the drawings nice and splendid and suiting for me. Plus, I'm not a big fan of flowers and you can see polka dots everywhere, almost anywhere, and it seems just so plain. I found out my new addiction besides Fate/Zero, bags. 

Few weeks ago, my dad came back from a few days' trip in Singapore and Batang, Indonesia. He came back with a jar of sticky candy and I discovered it and immediately screamed "STICKY CANDY!" happily upon my discovery. Well, my dad didn't really know that sticky candies are very famous and delicious. He meant to give it to his friend by surprise but due to curiosity he kept the sticky candy for us. I love gummy bears more but that doesn't mean that sticky candies stink. My dad saw the process of how they made the sticky candies. They are hand-made, chopped, and placed on a pan to put the flavourings and etc. I wish I could see the making process, it would be so interesting! And yes, I'll take photos of it and post it to my blog for you guys to see!

Anyway, thank God it's Friday! No school! No work! No waking up early! 
Tomorrow's a Saturday, back to the weekends! Great! :)) Time flies by so soon. In a blink of an eye and I'll be graduating. Sad. 

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