Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hi Love.

My tempted brain had forced me to ditch studying and visit my Facebook, blog, and listen to songs via Youtube (I don't download songs, I simply listen to them on Youtube). Haha, how gigabyte-savvy am I? Just kidding. I haven't used the laptop for the past two days and I feel incomplete and empty. Quite a load of Chinese homeworks that I have to quicken my pace to complete them all because by tomorrow I need to submit all the assignments for the past month or two that I have ignored and pushed aside. Thank God I finished all of them today, except for the poem. Oops, I guess I'll just ditch it. Because, dear laptop, you know I love you more. 
Anyway, these days had been typical and usual ones. The only unusual thing is that I'm surfing to Instagram often because while I finish up writing my unfinished (But they are finished now! (: ), I use my IPad to use an English-Chinese/ Chinese-English dictionary app, and it's really, really useful! I don't have to invite my friends Sonia and Natasha to come over to my house and finish up Chinese essays together while they have to help me most. And it covers a lot of our time! Now at least I can help myself, even if some of my grammar aren't accurate or specific enough. 
Okaay, now I'm having this weird and envious feelings towards a friend. Well, she isn't a friend actually, we've never met in real life. It's just that my crazy best friend is best friends and tuition mates with her. And that girl, on the other hand, is best friends with my best friend as well! Apparently, this girl is pretty and very friendly to people. She's also kawaii and seems smart and popular. Aaagh! Like my Facebook status said, "When you envy this perfect girl even though deep down she's imperfect just like the rest but you just deny the fact and you continue envying her for no bad intention nor for no good reason." 
Sigh, Mei Lin, wake up! What were you saying again? Haha. 
Dangnabbit, it's 9.47 pm. Please pause time for me! :D....
--Request failed-- D:
True scenario ;) anyway...
That was pretty random but true and applies to all of us including you guys anyway! Haha. Heart to Heart by 4Minute and Shady Girl by Sistar is really good although it may sound kiddish and childish and girly. It's not that girly, actually. By the way, check out a cover on It Girl by Jason Chen and Megan Nicole. The cutest thing of the music video is when the song goes like "I just wanna rock all night long..." and Jason is holding a...rock? HAHAHAH that was so adorable, seriously! They look so cute and matching together! Naawww! Hahahaha!
That's all for a typical, lazing Wednesday, I suppose?
Goodnight- Although it may seem way too early for you to go to bed, to those coffee drinkers and midnight owls.

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