Monday, 30 April 2012

Let's 'Wow' Together!

Hey, guys!
So it's a typical Monday night and besides studying, I decided to share with you guys about some awesome facts.
Let's start with...
the world's fastest roller coaster on the planet, located in Abu Dhabi. 
Speed? 240 km/h (150 mph). 
It consists of only two trains with four cars. The riders are arranged two by two (2 rows). Only a maximum total of 16 people are allowed per train.
So, how did I discover this? Well, before checking it out on Wikipedia, I was watching the Travel & Living Channel with my mum a few weeks ago on a Monday night and apparently, Denise Keller, is filming about her getaway to Abu Dhabi. If you ever watched MTV Southeast Asia you would probably remember Singaporean MTV host Denise Keller. I'm not sure if she is still the host or not at this present time, but doubt it so.

And now, check out some of the most coolest slides on the planet! I've found them on a website out of curiosity one random day.
This awesome slide is located at the Wild Wadi Water Park, again, it's located in Dubai. As you see on the first picture, there's Burj Al Arab,the most luxurious hotel in the world. It's located in Jumeriah. 

Here's another cool slide! This time, for kids!
Guess where it's located at? Changi Airport, Singapore. Though I'm unsure which Terminal it is located in (Changi Airport has 3 HUGE terminals). I've been to Singapore for holidays countless times but I've never, EVER seen this slide. 

So, you're actually looking at a picture of the world's largest indoor water park in West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada. According to some reading I did just now, it has a maximum capacity of 40,000 guests. 

The next one you're going to see, is even more spectacular!
Welcome! This is known as the 'Frozen Slide' at Disney's Blizzard Beach, U.S.A.
It's actual location is at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista. This is known as the world's tallest, fastest free-fall speed slide. I would call this an amazing experience of a lifetime. But, the next slide, will make you go 'ZOMG'! No, seriously.

This is probably rated as the World's Extreme Slide? Could you see how high it is?! This slide is 41 metres high and is currently the world's leading highest slide in the world, according to Guinness Books of Records. They say, it is equivalent to a 14-storey building. Who ever tried this, IS AWESOME. More awesome than the awesomest! 

Probably many of you guys will recognize this. It is none other than the famous water slide located at Atlantis, Dubai. The slide plunges you down into a tunnel in the shark lagoon. If I ever overcome my fear of heights, I'd love to take a fantastic slide down this one before I try out other extreme water slides!

I've extracted the photos and some of the content and information from this website. Click the link here to check it out: 

So, who's a time killer here? I'd like to meet someone who doesn't kill time by using the laptop, or those typical things we all do. I mean those time killers who are curious about the planet and really try out unimaginable things such as the activities I mentioned above, and more of that! There will be time for me to blog about extremely and awesome activities and leisure things that time killers often dare to do, that we don't.

Now, who's a daredevil? Definitely not me! Bungee jumping? It doesn't sound scary from it's name but it is when you're staring at death in the face. 
This is none other than the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, U.S.A. It is 1053 ft (321 m) high and hangs above the Arkansas River. It is a favourite jumping spot for daredevils because of its extreme height. 

Location? Macau Tower, China. 
It stands 764 ft (233m) high.
There is an observation deck for tourists who seek relaxing getaways and also daring sports such as bungee jumping and 'sky jumping'. 

My last sharing for tonight would be about sky diving! 

That's all I have to share for tonight!
I quite enjoyed doing this post because I myself learnt about all these extreme-to-the-core activities that especially daredevils and adventure-seekers will adore. I find them incredible and creative in such a way, especially the roller coaster and the planet's coolest slides! They are really COOL! 
I'd love to make an entry about these someday! And I'll add something different from today's post.
And guys, if you have any suggestions, PLEASE comment and if you like my blog, feel free to follow it. 
Thank you for viewing.
Mei Lin.

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