Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ambitious Ambitions

You could say that I daydream a lot!-Well actually-The Truth is-well, not really- I don't daydream, I just glue my mind to thinking about what I would be like, where would I go, in the future! I have ambitious ambitions and I don't really want to speak them all out to my friends because they're not supporting or encouraging me whenever I do so, instead some throw me a mocking face. They just don't like it and take it as a joke but I'm serious! I'm always lost in thoughts, but that doesn't make me absent-minded!
When I grow up, I would have pet cats. Two of them would be Birmans. Birmans are my favourite breeds! They are intelligent and adorable cats! So, I would have a male Birman and name him Cheshire, the female one would be Saphira. Saphira, why Saphira? That's because Saphira is the blue dragon in the Inheritance Cycle, she has the boldest and bravest character in all of the four books. Cheshire is a nice name you see, I got it from watching Alice in Wonderland.
Before I settle down in a country and find a job and all those, I would take part in volunteerism before travelling around the globe! Volunteerism is the act of volunteering to help other people in need. You can volunteer to work in a poor country on behalf of charity or you could also teach the children English there! I would prefer to teach the poor village children English and maybe other subjects once they've mastered the basics of English :D Nowww, travelling round the globe? Most interesting part? Well, everyone loves to travel, let's just exclude the jetlag and vomitting part, and the ear pain in the aeroplane, alright? I'd love to start trekking the globe with...Europe! Switzerland! United Kingdom! Extravaganza idea ;D! I've always wanted to study in Switzerland, it's just my favourite country and I have no single idea why! United Kingdom is a modern place yet it doesn't neglect it's history and culture! Too bad the U.K. is facing political problems and economic crisis.
When I settle down somewhere,I would live in a cozy little bungalow home by the sea in some Western town where everyone lives there as a lively and polite community. Probably, I would ask my parents to come over and live with me too! This whole idea sounds fun and exciting,right? Well, I would love to try out different kinds of adventures if it wasn't for my phobia of heights and falling from heights! :9 I should start facing my fear and learn how to climb on my friend's roof from her balcony, which is a much safer way of training myself because you can't fall that easily, the roof isn't slunted, it's straight, and nah, I don't think I will die. Touchwood, and I'm being a little literal.

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