Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Wiagil's Birthday Toast

Last Saturday on the 31st of March, Wiagil invited some of her friends and I to her birthday dinner at Excapade Sushi, one of the best restaurants in town. The dinner started at 7.30 pm, so it was pretty obvious we'd finish our sushi meals later than usual. I ordered Tempura Udon for my main course. Udons are Japanese noodles that are rather large and definitely tasty! Japan is very famous for their tempura, which is something that you deep-fry with a special and secret recipe! That night at Excapade Sushi, I ate deep-fried prawn tempura, the chefs mized the prawns with bananas too! It was a scrumptious meal anyway. Then I ordered a six dollar dessert consisting of ice-cream, ' nata de coco', red beans, keloggs and a sticky, white and circular 'kuih'. Nothing special really happened that day, but everything went quite well, except for something personal that happened to me after I ordered the dessert, because...oh well, I'm not going to say it out loud anyway! Wiagil had rather nice presents. One of our friend, a guy named Wu Jiajin, gave her a thick novel which was Book two. Wiagil had no idea that this novel series ever existed and asked him, "If you gave me book two, how can I read it without reading book one?" Wu Jiajin merely shrugged and told us that he was in a rush while buying Wiagil's gift. Oh,well! :) That night, I also confirmed with my friends that our joker friend Afiyah was admitted to the hospital. According to the others, they phoned her and were told that she had severe vomitings, nose-bleeding, and others. Hopefully she's discharged from the hospital and recovering now. I haven't phoned her to ask about her condition. I might tomorrow if I ever remember!....Mean me. That...was probably all that happened during Wiagil's birthday toast at Excapade Sushi.

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