Saturday, 14 April 2012

April in Photos.

I don't know why, but among all of my vainest photos I like this the most. It's full of facial expressions, they are not so different from each other but I realise what I like most about this is that the background has some 'lightings' and it's brightness is edited as well. Honestly, I prefer natural pictures unlike this one, it's edited so it looks nicer. If you ever see me natural, aah, I look far more different. I admit that I only look prettier in photos, because they're all edited!

Amril and Natasha came over to my house a few days ago to discuss about our Chinese assignments ( Called 'CCAT'). After Natasha left, me and Amril took some pics with the IPad. Amril says that among all the photos we took that day this was her favourite. Well, on my opinion, I don't know which one I like most actually.

This was last Sunday, my birthday. Dad drove us to the capital in Bandar to watch a movie and eat at Seaworld Neptune Restaurant. It's one of the best restuarants in Brunei! Seriously! The seafood there is fresh, and the crab, oh, it's just like heaven when you're eating it. I really pity those who are allergic to seafood or crabs.  Anyway, we watched the movie Mirror Mirror at the Empire cinema. The begining was boring, but as it proceeded towards the end, it gets funnier and funnier. This picture was taken in my dad's car while we are on the highway that would take us to Bandar Seri Begawan (The capital).

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