Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Second Term School Days

I won't say the days were really good. Nothing interesting happens and this happens all the time at school. It's really dull, but I won't blame anyone for this. My class teacher, Mr. Philip, has found another idea of catching noisy students and troublemakers, or those who love walking around for no complete reason. About this, hmm, I could say that everyone walks around, talks and plays around and shouts gleefully but, giving three girls to jot down the names of the troublemakers every day won't work, on my perspective.
First, maybe Mr. Philip has a different way of tackling us, well we should all respect other people's decisions. I know that. But maybe he could do some consulting with Teacher Henry on how he coped with a class worst than this year's so well that he doesn't need to scold us everyday.
Asking Eunice, Vanessa and Karen to jot down names is a little waste of their time. But sometimes I find it necessary too. It's amusing to guess who is going to stand up after being called my Mr.Philip for making noises. I'm not gloating or having any other bad intentions, I'm just, as simple as you could say, annoying and a busybody to be precise.
Last year, we read out loud 'Di Zi Gui' every morning before lessons begin. And I'm always late for school and everyone is seated in the classroom, reading out loud like some remedy, and I become the main point of distraction for everybody. 'Di Zi Gui' originated from China hundreds of years ago. It is a book written by a wise ol' man named Kong Zhi. It's contents is spilt into less than 15 chapters, it teaches us kids to be a good child. It sounds 'kiddie' in a way when I use the word 'kid', but I find this teaching method, by reading out loud (even if I don't understand half of what the contents say), as a very good method! My Chinese was terrible last year and I couldn't understand one bit ( or two? *troll*) but I feel calmer whenever I read it.
Even if I hated it once before, doesn't mean I have to hate it forever. Honestly! I sort of miss reading it.

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