Sunday, 1 April 2012

What I Would Love To Have

Well, humans are never satisfied with what they have, aren't they? So am I. I was at a Chinese desserts restaurant, "Guilingao", and I drifted off, thinking about what I'd love to have for my upcoming birthday. I love cats, and it actually started when I visited Amril's house. Her house used to be full of cats and kittens alike. Unfortunately, a few months ago all the mother cats had an injection that made them unable to give birth to kittens. I wished I could have pet cats like she has. She gets to take photos of them all the time! I also hoped that I could get a nice Canon, not necesarrily a DSLR, but something similair to it. I'd love to have a Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood poster too! I'm a fanatic of that anime, it's the BEST so far!! I would also love to get The Hunger Games Triology bookset. I want to read the three books, at most the first book, before I watch the movie. Or maybe an origami or arts and handicrafts book could do, but they're rather expensive and no one really would think of getting any of the mentioned items for me! I just pray that I would get them all one day... :)

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