Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fate/Zero Episode 16

I find this episode rather disturbing and disappointing, and unexpected too! 
I apologize to those bloggers who are following up with this anime and wishes to see images of the episode but so far, I couldn't find any. The Random Curiosity bloggers haven't updated about the recent episode yet. I'll post the pics as soon a possible! By the way, you could check out Random Curiosity on your own too!
In this episode, Sola is leaning against a fence, admiring her right arm where the command seals are placed (PS: Cause Sola's 'seduced' by Lancer/Diarmuid's hotnesss :D ) when suddenly, her arm is cut in half by Maiya, Kiritsugu's spy. They take Sola as a hostage.
Meanwhile, Kayneth and Lancer found out that Sola is missing. Kayneth continues to condemn Lancer (They were at an abandoned building area) when Irisviel and Saber arrived at the spot. Lancer appeared then and agreed to duel with Saber to see who is a worthy knight (In their myths, they were once knights). Kayneth watches the duel when he saw Kiritsugu aiming a gun at Sola a few metres away. Kiritugu signalled him to shut up and throws a scroll towards him. In it is a contract paper, Kayneth has to use his command seal (He got one extra from the High Priest as a reward, see previous episode, and immediately killed the priest and escaped) to force Lancer (his servant anyway) to commit suicide if he wants Sola to live. He must also agree to the terms that he and Sola would not be able to participate in the Holy Grail War, in return, Kiritsugu wouldn't be able to kill them too. 
So silly Kayneth agrees for the sake of his fiancee. 
Halfway fighting, Saber and Irisviel (Irisviel stood by the car, keeping a distance from the two servants as she observed them fighting) are shocked when Lancer suddenly pierce himself with his spear. Kayneth (wheel-chair bound) with Sola in his arms, and Kiritsugu, emerge from the abandoned building walls. Saber finally understood what happened, but is still shocked and in disbelief. Lancer curses Kayneth before disappearing.
From somewhere among the abandoned buildings, Maiya shoots Kayneth and Sola, and instantly they died. 
Saber and Kiritsugu ended up in a heated argument, again. They never agree with each other from the start, I suppose.
Kiritsugu went into the car as Maiya drove him away. 
The morning sun had begun to rise as Saber wiped a blood stain from her cheek and looked at it when Irisviel said, "Kiritsugu's gone, isn't he?" She collapsed just in time for Saber to catch her.
The episode ended that way.
I seriously hate Kiritsugu now =.= He's getting on my nerves! Annoying pest!

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