Sunday, 29 April 2012

Fate/Zero Episode 17

Morning, bloggers!
I just finished watching Fate/Zero's latest episode. This whole show is coming to an end really sooner than I realised.
The episode started with Kirei Kotomine arriving at the church to find his father's dead body, with blood all over. The following day, he told Tokiomi Tohsaka (Another boring dude!) about the news and Gilgamesh continues to amuse himself when he talks with Kirei.
Tokiomi is darn disappointed, banged the arm rest of his chair and wrinkles all over his face showed up, so yeah. :)
He decided to have a meeting, and sent an 'invitation' that Maiya ( I don't know how) somehow received and showed it to Irisviel and Saber. Irisviel is already healed at that time, thanks to Saber. The three decided to show up at the church that night.
That evening, Tokiomi had a last glance at his wife and daughter Rin Tohsaka before saying goodbye as he left to the church. 
The two different allies showed up at the church and decided to have an agreement.
Irisviel insisted that she would only agree with Tokiomi on two conditions. First, she wanted to now what information had gathered about Rider and his Master and secondly, she insists Kirei to no longer participate in the Holy Grail War. They agreed. Afterwards, Saber left on her new, black motorbike, a gift from her Master Kiritsugu. She sped off on the motorbike and disappeared into the dark. Maiya and Irisviel proceeded into the white car when Irisviel suddenly leans on Maiya's shoulder as she drove, her face drenched with sweat.
She then told Maiya the truth, that she's a homunculus created by Grandfather Arth (Her grandfather I suppose). Irisviel also admitted that by now, she should have been dead, but it was thanks to Saber's Avalon (A magical, anti-aging and miracle healing sword) that has been keeping her awake and from collapsing all the time now.
Maiya told her to hold on still, and that Maiya would protect till the very end, all for the sake of Kiritsugu's unfulfilled wish.
Kirei is seen in the attic room packing his stuff into a suitcase. Then, he thought of Kiritsugu. The same question that was floating in his mind since he knew Kiritsugu popped up in his head. He wanted to know more about this man, why was he such a monster? (But he didn't realise he himself is another monster anyway! *grin*) Gilgamesh interrupted his thoughts as he appeared and continued to amuse himself, disappear, and reappear again. I find that annoying. They began to do their 'talks', their lameee talks. Then, Kirei shows Gilgamesh his right arm, which was full of command seals. It was a gift from his father the priest when he died. Obviously, it would be such a waste and only someone silly would wish to dispose of so much command seals and withdraw from the Holy Grail War. 
In Tokiomi's office room, Tokiomi showed his gratitude towards Kirei as being his noble and well student. He gave Kirei an Azoth dagger (The dagger that stabbed him by Shiro Emiya in Fate/Stay Night). Tokiomi says his farewells as he proceeded towards the door. Creeping up from behind him, Kirei stabs Tokiomi with the dagger and he falls to the ground as a pool of blood oozed out of his stab wound. 
Gilgamesh then appears. The two went through a short procedure of chanting and has now, officially became master and servant. 
Crap, all this sounds terribly bad. Kirei and Gilgamesh makes a bad combination. Ugh, Kirei is such a badass. He should just remain the Kirei Kotomine who doesn't know how to find JOY (If you watched all the previous episodes, you'll get it) BAHAHAH. 
The next episode premiere gave us an obvious clue that it would be about Kiritsugu's past, as the next episode would be titled "Distant Memories". That's all I have to blog about this episode. Sayonara until the next post!

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