Monday, 30 April 2012

Sayonara April!

Aah, today's the last day of April! Many things, blissful and disappointment, both had occur in this month. Sometimes, I feel like disappearing into thin air and never coming back. Other times I secretly wished that I could teleport to anywhere I feel like going to. Everyone feels the same way when they encountered something unhappy and disappointing, even the tiniest things. 
I could summarise this month as one of the most disappointing 30-day life of me. And more are to come. 
Honestly the only exciting thing that had occur this month was waiting for Fate/Zero's latest episode every Sunday morning and a party at my ex-teacher's house two days ago, on a Saturday. We walked to the beach which was less than a hundred metres away and I was silly enough to not spray my body with insect-repellent. So, I got eleven sand fly stings, and it was all my fault, yeah, my fault. *Pout*. My right foot was badly swollen last night, so I had to wear my Adidas slippers to school today and luckily Teacher Chandron, the discipline master, didn't spot me. Neither did I spot him today. Otherwise, I would have to explain to him about it, which I am lazy to. My feet's still swollen now and I still have to wear my slippers tomorrow. If I do, I hope that there won't be any assembly in the school hall or everyone would be staring at my feet! Haha! No, it's not really funny actually ._. 
The days have been going pass quickly very soon. I don't remember much of this month but I can only illustrate one word in my mind, that is a big "DISAPPOINTED". 
But at least there was something to ease my heart and mind today!
I was told of the news of the Inforama Competition! Which comes every year with different surprising tasks! There are two categories: primary and secondary categories. 
This year for the secondary category, we have to use a recently-published programme to create a game! Yes, a game of our own! We must crack our brains and include every bit of our creativity if we'd love to win. And yeap, we'd love to win!
Each group needs three team members. Me, Tzeng Shuin and Amril 'decided' to team up to compete with other schools in Brunei. I just hope we are able to do things equally and fairly and agree on our decisions because recently things have been going haywire like #$%^&*()(*&%$%^&*()()*&%^$#@#@^&*. :)
And the smiley face just shows some sense of sarcasm in my sentence. 
The weather has been playing tricky on-and-offs games with us too! So suddenly the sky is dark, and suddenly it becomes all sunny and bright again. Sometimes it rains, rarely accompanied by thunder and lightning. The weather's often-changing cycle results in getting a bad cold, and for once, almost, a headache. I had that crazy feeling a few nights ago that my pneumonia would come back again! Due to the cold, chilling feeling that we all normally get, as a sign of approaching fever.
Today, I decided not to study again. Yesterday my study plan failed because I couldn't concentrate on a single thing I read, thanks to the swollen sand fly bite on my right feet that got me irritated to the core. So, I didn't really did anything in the afternoon. I just slacked and watched the television at night. 
Amril, Wiagil, Lau Ngai Kit and another guy from the B class named Lee Jun Ching are the four chosen to participate in a four-day Science Camp activity in the Lumut area. 
By the way, I forgot...Happy Labour Day! (Although they were no day-offs for students and adults today). 
Now, I'm left thinking about good food and imagining scenarios of holidaying in Japan. Take me to Japan! 

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