Sunday, 1 April 2012

Peer Pressure

Honestly, I don't bear any jealous or hatred feelings towards my friends but sometimes I feel peer-pressured by them. I know they don't intend to do it and they don't feel the way I feel, but I...I just easily feel that peer pressure feeling!
I know I'm awesome in my own way, being me is always the best but sometimes I can't bear to envy how my friends know everything, been there done that, has that, has this, and all that. It sometimes annoys me that they don't realise that I feel unhappy when they go over their limits and boast over it and leave me left out, in dry space that is. I don't blame them for that but I just have to admit it! It's the fact! I know they are many people like me out I discovered tips on how to avoid peer pressure! I don't know if it works because I'm not fond of reading things online (I prefer books and books and books! ;]  )
So, here are some useful tips I found on  :

  • Build self-esteem. Confidence in one's own abilities and actions can naturally deter peer pressure, since fear of shame or embarrassment is a leading reason why individuals give into it.
  • Know and respect your personal limits. Having a strong idea of what your goals and abilities are can help your refuse undesirable propositions.

  • Surround yourself with people with whom you share similar values. Finding friends with the same values as you can help reduce the amount of peer pressure you may experience. At the same time, avoid people and situations that can tempt you to do things you normally wouldn't want to do.
  • Remind yourself about the possible negative consequences that can come from giving into peer pressure. Many consequences are scenario-specific, but giving into peer pressure can also result in a loss of self-respect, strained relationships and trouble with authority figures.
  • Practice standing your ground. Imagine scenarios in which peer pressure could become an issue. Formulate predetermined responses. Find a trusted friend with whom to role play. Use confidence, humor, flattery, challenges and topic changes to find ways out of the undesirable situations.
  • Find a confidante. Talking about temptations with someone whom you can trust can help you cope with them.
  • Base your decision-making on your own individual personality. Acknowledging your values, belief systems, thoughts, feelings and preferences can help you avoid bowing to peer pressure.

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    Unfortunately, the person I always talk to with do give me peer pressures.

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