Sunday, 1 April 2012


What I have been waiting for is finally here! The topics for the 2012 Commonwealth essay competitions are out! To my dissapointment, the topics weren't exciting. They were rather lame, and that is why young writers like us have to make these boring topics interesting with their creativity! Well, that's the bad part! I ran out of ideas!
Firstly, check out the topics:

Pick a day From 6th February 1952 to the present.

Then, using one of the topics below, tell us about what happened!

1)The day I wore my best clothes.

2)A feast or a festival.

3)An interview with an adult about a significant day in their life.

4)A day's journey.

5)A birth

OR a wedding OR a funeral.

6)My response to an event that made the news headlines.

7)A sporting event.

8)The day I met my hero/heroine.

Well, I don't see why I should write about the day I wore my best clothes. I only have casual tees and pants and nothing more interesting than that of a 13-year old. Feast or festival? I travelled a few times overseas to China in December, everything was dry and cold there and there wasn't any festivals going on. Plus, I don't recall having any pleasant feasts. An interview with an adult about a significant day in their life sounds more like an interesting topic, but I have to think about it for the moment. A day's journey, well I'm inexperienced and I never recall any day trips that were interesting though. A birth? NO. A wedding?  NO. A funeral? Maybe I could write about my Grandma's funeral in my father's hometown. I could describe the process of the funeral, which is done in a traditional Chinese procedure. But I haven't decided yet. My response to an event that made the news headline? Hey, I just thought that it would be interesting! But I still need to rack my brains and think about it. Well, I have certainly been to quite a number of sporting events...but who would want to read about me running feeling that the road is endless and all that lame stuff? Nothing interesting ever occured to me when I ran marathons or track events anyway. The day I met my hero or heroine? If I had a choice I would definitely pick a heroine, which most likely would be me, myself. It's quite a long story. Let's just say I always solved the challenges I faced on my own, and I sometimes insipired myself to be the person I really want to be. Oh well, nothing much interesting if I chose that topic too.

The word range? Well it's 300-700 words under category B, if I'm not mistaken.
THE WORST PART is that it MUST not be fictional! How devastating! Sorrowful! Dissapointment! Sad! Oh well, I can't argue, it's my fault for my lacking of ideas.

I am extremely serious in taking part in this essay competition and winning silver or gold place, because....the rewards are delicious :) Not to mention attractive and awesome!
Here are the rewards (It depends on your category and what you took part in: Film, Photography or Writing):

• See your Jubilee Time Capsule entry presented to Her Majesty the Queen in 2012.

• Win a certificate, cash or photographic equipment.

• Win resources for your school.

• Be flown to London.

• Be invited to meet famous authors, film directors and photographers; take part in expert

workshops to learn new skills; and do work experience at international organisations.

• See your entry exhibited around the Commonwealth and featured in worldwide media.

*Drools* I always wanted to go to London! (To be more precisely, the whole of EUROPE (: ) This could be a dream come true, what do you think? I hope there's a chance for me to fit into the winners category, not just the winners though, a silver or gold place would make me fully satisfied! Earning a certificate from the Commonwealth is a great benefit, especially when you are applying for colledges or universities overseas, right?! I find this really exciting! My friends, Amril and Tzeng Shuin, are stranded in thoughts and daydreams, we imagined that the three of us were one of the chosen winners! We even talked about what we would buy there...stacks of food and food and food and Paddington plushies! Meeting famous authors is one of the most intesresting part as well. I would love to get their autographs! And I don't care who! Other than that, we imagined meeting Queen Elizabeth and having high-tea with her! If so,we have to be well-mannered and learn how to curtsy and speak...BRITISH ACCENT. I love their accent. If I had their accent, I swear I will NEVER stop talking for the rest of my life. :))
Haha, I really wish this is a chance for the three of us. Going to London has been one of my listed must-visit places!

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