Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Give Your Heart a Break, You're Twelve!

What would you do if your best friend, A,has a crush on two guys who are your best friends too? And what would you do if your friend A is a girl, sensitive, cannot take the truth, can't stand reality and is causing small conflicts with her two crushes? 
My friend, A, is adding fuel to the fire now.
Just because of a small misunderstanding, she's taking things to a higher measure, us, Wiagil, Amril and I, just don't know how to help her and change her attitude and the way she sees things (Which is wrong!)
I don't hate her! Really! I love her, she's an awesome friend but recently this year she sort of changed a bit. 
Let's call her two crushes...B and C for example. 
She wrote each of them letters, telling them about how she thinks of them and why she hates them all of the sudden and so. 
In B's letter, she told him that she have loved him since like...about 3-4 years ago when she was Grade Four?! And now we're Grade Seven?!
In C's letter, she told him that she loved him but because HE did something to her that he was not supposed to do, she didn't want to talk to him anymore. And this conflict between A and C has been going on up till' now. What C did was reading her diary, but that was a long story and it occurred during November 2011, somewhere after we got our graduating certificates and others.
Well, that small issue was bout 70% solved I could say.
She said she loved C at first and even told me and other girls that she wanted to marry him! To the extend of that! And now she drops C and wants to love B?!?!?!?!?
The other time was a few months ago when A had an injection for HPV prevention, same for all the other girls in her class and they all went downstairs in the school hall to take the dose. Because, you see, in my country local females can get the vaccination for free and this year, Grade Seven and Eight students can just take it at their school with just filling the form, the dates to the injections are fixed too. Which is good for them, but for me, well I'm not a local so I have to pay extra $200 (which is still considered cheap for all three doses) and take the vaccination at the hospital or the district's health centre.  
Oh, and by the way, A isn't in the same school as I am, but we're still keeping in touch and we meet several times every month. When A entered the class she saw C and B opening her diary and just because of some misunderstanding that doesn't make much logic or sense, the three haven't talked until recently when some of us forced B and C to write letters to A, apologising for what they did.
B and C told us at a sushi restaurant many weeks ago, when A wasn't present with us cause she had high fever, that they opened it by accident and some other guys who were nearby snatched it. 
Well, Amril and the others tried to convince A that it's not completely their fault, and they didn't even read every entry in the diary!
Now, I don't know who's trying to save their face and lie, but I'm pretty sure it's NOBODY'S FAULT, JUST A MISUNDERSTANDING that to me, doesn't make sense! 
We should learn to speak out problems or issues instead of keeping them inside and being still full of hatred. 
And A is so full of revenge for the two guys, I mean, they didn't even did something that would be ever considered "pervertic" or sinful, RIGHT?! And yet A still blames them like they have commit some serious crime!
A also kind of 'used' C and dropped him all of the sudden and preferred to harbour feelings for B.
F**k logic?
No sense, aye?
No hard feelings for A, B and C but they really have to make up a solution for this!
We're a gang of best friends and these three get pulled into this little issue that became big because of A.
Honestly I think she was a little influenced with watching too much love dramas. She's a little obsessed with them! Well, more than a little to be precise!
She acts all sober and in despair just like those girls in movies when they are heartbroken and they don't take their meals, be idle and ignore anyone who talks to them. That's not life, just a drama that is meant for entertainment.
Oh welllllllllllll................................such complications.

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