Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday To-Dos

Good evening, bloggers.
So, yesterday I went to my track and field practice and damn, was it tiring. I almost died, no, seriously, and literally too. The teacher's training tactics are tougher than our previous teacher, Mr. Mak's, but all the same, I can handle the training even though it can be a little too much tiring. I'm still fine anyway :D I'll be able to cope with all of it soon.
Last night, I made a to-do list of what I was supposed to do today (Saturday!), but I suppose I failed because I haven't accomplished all of them.
> I'll leave my maths revision work for Sunday.
> Tonight will do it.
Make a PowerPoint presentation about Australia's tourist hot spots?
> No, unfortunately, I passed my lonely planet mini Australia guide to Kristen and she forgot to return it to me before dismiss time. But she didn't really listen to me, over-occupied talking with her 'friends', so she left it in her drawer at school and well, yeah. I don't suppose she would care anyway.
Register at Pottermore? 
> Well I just did! And Pottermore looks as an interesting Harry Potter fan spot to me! I haven't really got to know the official website yet, I just confirmed my registration with my e-mail and started blogging. But trust me, if you're a Harry Potter fan, go to Pottermore and SIGN UP immediately! I say IMMEDIATELY! It's because Pottermore registrations are not open all year through. It's to prevent people who are bored and typically lifeless from creating more than one account. If it would be so, Pottermore would be overloaded!
> Yes, I had piano lessons for an hour today. Four new songs to learn. It's tiring.

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