Friday, 20 April 2012

What I'm Missing Today?

Hey everyone! :D
So today's a typical Friday and I decided to post about ten things that I'm missing now. I suppose I'll start from ten, descending towards the number one thing I miss, alright? Get it? So here it begins...

10) Reading Inheritance
When I was down with pneumonia and hospitalized in a ward, I wanted to finish the final book of the Inheritance Cycle, Inheritance, since I had finished more than half of the book right before I was sick. In the end, in a bout 3 days of staying in the ward, I finished Inheritance! It is the best book I have ever read in my life, so far! Although Arya and Eragon couldn't be together, I wished that they would meet some day, with the arrival or new Dragon Riders.
The author, Christopher Paolini, started writing the first book  when he was 15 years old. AMAZING!

Saphira's eye.

9) Cats and Kittens.
Last year in January, Amril and I discovered that many cats lived at the back of the school. We didn't know if that area was restricted or not, so we sneaked to that corridor full of old tables and chairs and played with the cats. There were Snowball, Sleepyball, Beannie, Freckley, Puffball, Snowy, Rusty, Rusty Look-a-like, Squeaky (Snowy's daughter), Chubby (Rusty Look-a-like's deceased son ): ) and many more. Sadly, I only see Snowball, Snowy and Rusty Look-a-like. Sleepyball was adopted by the school's van driver, named Wan Wan. Beannie and Freckley, the two boys were poisoned and died. Maybe, they ate something poisonous or someone allegedly attempted to poison them and was successful, but I will strangle them if I knew who did it anyway, or who was a part of it. Snowball 'migrated' and lives somewhere in the school grounds, but I haven't seen her for months. I miss Snowball, Sleepyball, Beannie and Freckley. I loved them so much! They are like the best pet cats you could ever had! If I could, I would have adopted them all before the two were poisoned to death!  

8) Sarafina and the others. 
Well, when I was a little girl, my sister and I had lots of plush toys and barbie dolls and dinosaurs. We invented games of our owns. One of them was 'Dinomalia'. We used our toy dinosaurs and gave them name as Dinomalia characters. Each time we played, we imagined it like an episode of the 'show'. I had a green teddy bear named Sarafina and I used to adore her to the core! I adored many other toys too! I had a giraffe, a penguin that you punched and will stand up once again, a ladybird (It's such an innocent-looking one!) and many, many more. Well, all my fun and adventures with these toys ended when my dad announced that we were going to live in another house and some items needed to be thrown away. So, that was farewell to all my toys. I'm relieved that my parents decided to keep some of those toys back then for the sake of me and my sister. One of them was Teddy, my closest buddy. He's a teddy bear and I had him since I was a two-year old toddler! He's still here now and is always sitting in my bed, lying against a pillow with a small blanket covering him. Do you want to know what happened to Sarafina anyway? Sarafina wasn't thrown away either, because I loved her and Teddy equally! On a holiday in a Penang resort hotel, I couldn't find her anywhere in the hotel room on the day we checked-out. My dad even asked the chambermaids if they had seen it, but all answers were negative. Sadly, Sarafina is gone now and I have no idea where on Earth she is. 

7) Buzz Lightyear
Long, long ago when all the toys weren't thrown away or missing, my sister and I lvoed watching Buzz Lightyear and Sesame Street! It was no surprise that we adapted the plot of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command to create a game of our own. Starring Buzz Lightyear as me and Zurg as my sister! My family still keeps lots of photo albums of our childhood years and there was a picture that showed me and my sister on the sofa with toys and cushions. My sister was being Zurg, and she was holding a plastic fork. 
I still remembered clearly why. In the 'episode' we were playing (We invented our own plots in the episodes), Buzz Lightyear (me) was captured by Zurg (my sister) and locked in a room. Buzz wanted to excape but Zurg wouldn't give Buzz the plastic fork, which was the key! Aaah, those hilarious moments. I love my childhood times there. 

6) Kota Kinabalu
Before I moved to Miri, Malaysia, dad always brought us to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, for the holidays. We went there twice a year and we even got to know this taxi driver who eventually became friends with us. I used to call him "Talkative Taxi Driver", or let's just nickname him Mr. Talkative for now, with no hard feelings (I really don't know his name!) We always stayed at Sutera Harbour Resort and it's located right next to a beach! The sunset there every evening always has a magnificent view.

7) December 
I miss 2011's December month. My family went to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for the holidays and had so much fun! I went to Universal Studios in Singapore for the first time and met Amril and Vanessa Kwong! My two friends!
Me and Amril posed for a photo (Taken By sis) at the Jurassic Park area, Universal Studios.
We saw this blue Lamborghini on the way back to Link Hotel,

Hi-tea at the 25th floor of Boulevard Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

 I rode on this ride, the Transformers, where there is a stimulator and you are supposed to wear 3-D glasses. It seems so magical! So real-life! It's such a worth ride! The whole trip to Singapore was worth it anyway! We did so much shopping! But I bought even more clothes at Kuala Lumpur. Most of them were from Robinsons, Metrojaya and Isetan. The clothes at Isetan are awesome! 

4) Madam Yong
My English teacher last year was Madam Yong Siew Leng. She is the most inspirational teacher I ever had. She loved to encourage us to study and always motivates us! She also tells us stories of her life and her relatives and sometimes, her daughters'. Madam Yong treats us exactly the way she treats her daughters, but probably not that fierce and strict. Of her two years teaching me, I have learned a lot from her. It's thanks to her that I read most of the books, the fantasy novels, the best selling books, the educational books, and so on. She really motivates people and I AM DEEPLY INSPIRED BY HER. I'm so thankful to have this marvelous and wonderful teacher in my life who truly shows that she cares for her students! I love her so much! I wished she'd be my English teacher for all my life instead! 

3) 17 November 2011
On this day, 17th November, there was a marathon in Bandar for the primary level. Unfortunately, and to my disappointment, I didn't win anything. But I was happy that straight after the whole event had ended, our Physical Ed teacher, Mr. Mak, took us to The Mall in Gadong. It's the most famous shopping centres in Brunei! We went to the arcade, ate Jolibee at the food court and walked around the whole mall. Too bad, Mr. Mak would have treat us to watching a movie but he was busy as he had to prepare some stuff for the secondary level marathon two days later. He was also tired because we all had to gather at school for the one and a half-hour journey to Bandar at four a.m. that morning, which means waking up at three! It was his last time bringing us to a competition as he will quit our school soon. I'm glad I had so much fun that day, the journey back and to Bandar was a whole lot tiring but full of laughters and memories, memories that I would never let myself forget. 

2) Alissya Rudy
My childhood friend, Alissya, moved with her family to live in Bandar to study in J.I.S, Jerudong International School. In the past, I used to have lunch or breakfast with her every Friday and followed her home to play games. I missed playing Little Big Planets with her. If any of you bloggers have a PS3 at your home, then try and buy the game Little Big Planets! I also heard that there's the second Little Big Planets coming out, and I suppose, it's already out. It's an adventure game with no violence and is suitable for all ages. It's a really fun game! I wished I could have a sleep-over at her home soon!

1) Escargots
I'm rather stingy, rather than missing my childhood friend or my English teacher or the holidays, I'm missing eating escargots the most! I really should go to Bucaneer Restaurant and eat it. It's cooked with cheese and mushroom sauce and mmm mmm mmm, it's mmmlicious! I love it to the core!

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