Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sing A Song~

Yesterday (Wednesday), there wasn't any extra-curriculum activities (CCA) in the afternoon because there was an inter-house Chinese chess tournament. So, instead of practicing piano, studying and picking up a book to read, I used the Internet all day long and listened to songs. Some songs I found very nice to listen to! Some are very meaningful too!
1) My Dream-Tiffany Alvord
It's a nice simple and inspirational song from one of my idols! Tiffany Alvord covers songs and posts them on Youtube. She released her new album My Dream in 2011 and I just discovered it yesterday! Check out other songs in the album too, it's nice to listen to.

2) In Your Arms- Kina Grannis
I love this song the most! The video is so nice and creative! They used real jelly beans and it took them 22 months to shoot the whole video! And they used 288 000 jelly beans, needed 30 people to help out, 2 ladders, a total of 1357 hours and just one still camera. When I watched the official video by her official channel, a Youtuber RogueMosquito1 commented that it must be hard to maintain the same hair style, hair length, skin tone and health condition for two years. I find that TRUE! ;)

3) Payphone- Maroon5
I like this song for it's tune, yeah. But I hate the rapping part by Wiz Khalifa because, well, although it's alright to most people, but I just don't find it matching with the song. No offence to Wiz Khalifa fans!

4)- Glad You Came- The Wanted
It's a very nice song and I love the chorus very much. I like Tiffany's cover on this song better than the original song by the band. But overall, both, the band and Tiffany, did great!

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