Saturday, 14 April 2012

Second Week of April

Last week, I haven't been blogging much due to my laziness and my addiction to 9gag. Afternoon classes and co-curriculum activities (CCA) were cancelled due to the field events competition held at school for three straight days. I wasn't chosen for any field events because I wasn't skilled or good in any. No homeworks were given too, because my teachers were all busy with the sports events. So, I had a lazy issue that whole week. I did no studying, no exercise, no reading, no nothing. I only accomplished wasting time :P .
If you read my previous blog entries, I had blogged about the SLP in English subject. In this programme, we had to pick a folded paper and in it there will be a number written on it. My English teacher, Teacher Marielle will then give me a paper printed with an image that has the exact number I have chosen on the bottom of it. I got the number 15 and Teacher Marielle gave me an image of a mother and her daughter hugging each other.
When I presented this picture at the front of my class, I told the audience that maybe this was the mother's birthday or on mother's day where the child gives her a huge bear hug and tells her mummy how much she loves her. The other way round, it could be the child doing something wrong where the mother plays a role in comforting her daughter. I ended the talk by saying a mother would love their child with no boundaries. I said thank you and bowed and left the audience clapping. Kristen also did a good job. Her picture showed a father reading a book to his son. She described the photo and said it reminded her of her father teaching her how to read when she was a little kid too. And she told us that from doing that, she picked up the reading habit. Kristen also mentioned that it was important to cherish moments spent with your dad because you never know what will happen in the future, right? Your dad might be called for work overseas, far away from home, or some other stuff.
Well, yeah, I could agree with what she have mentioned.
I planned to post pictures of the presents and birthday cards that my amazing and awesome friends have given to me but I'm still awaiting Amril's gift. I'll be eating my birthday cake later so I'll post a picture of it soon, too! Just wait, readers and bloggers, all the same. So, that's all that occured on the second week of April. Probably the laziest week of the year.

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