Sunday, 1 April 2012

April Blues

April is here! My birthday month! Hooray! April has always been my favourite month of the year, well...maybe it tied with December.
Happy April Fools Day! ( and happy bday to my friend Wiagil)
I was hoping that my dad would at least bring us somewhere since it was a Sunday...hopefully to the capital (which is an hour and 30 minutes drive from my home here) to watch some movies like The Hunger Games and Mirror Mirror, a comedy version of Snow White. But instead, he stuck his nose into his Lenovo laptop, typing and replying emails from his clients. And well, you see, it's all about work! April is his busiest month of the year! I don't think he would even remember my birthday, which is this coming Sunday, 8th of April.
I super-duper-extremely-really-hope that something intesresting would happen on my birthday, or maybe Dad could bring us somewhere else than home. I sometimes get tired of home. There's really nothing to do! I can't stay with the laptop of IPad all day,right? My house is an apartment so I can't have a garden of my own! I can't have a trampoline or my own pet or something else...I silently hope that we could live in another house soon. My neighbours are the worst! I'm not a racist, but I have three Indian neighbours living next to my unit. One wears spectacles and goes to work everyday, one is a worker who wears a red suit everyday and the other one stays at home and talks on the mobile phone outside everyday. Apparently, the guy who works as some worker with not much monthly income/salary always stares at me when I go to school in the morning. He sometimes grin, like those, you know...sly and evil grins. He really creeps me out. The one who stays at home and always talks on the phone does the same thing, but I seldom see him nowadays. The one with an old-fashioned pair of specs often greets us if he sees us at the parking area.
Some other Malay and Indonesian workers live upstairs. I dislike them because they smoke and drink Red Bull and they also litter. Next door is a Pakistan family, they are alright. The father works daily and his wife, two children and mother-in-law often go back to their hometown in Pakistan and only come back a few months later. I think they do that once or twice a year. They have a toddler son named Omar, he's adorable, and a baby daughter, Aishah.
Living on the highest level is an Indian family, a couple and their young son studying at a nursery school called " A B C". The mother told my mum once that she lived in Dubai before coming to Brunei. My mum had described her as a friendly and bright person. The Indian father often greets us. So, I feel quite secure when I see them, same goes for the Pakistani family next door.
That's all for today! Remember, start fooling people before it's too late! :)

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