Saturday, 14 April 2012

My School's Annual Sport Day

So, I live in Brunei Darussalam and you probably know that it's an extremely small place to live in, right? There are still many things that aren't established in this country, there are still many new things for us to learn, but at least we are proceeding forward and improving. Today, or this morning I could say, was my school's sixth annual sports day. The Anthony Abell College was nice enough to allow us to use their track field for the events. You see, all the field events were carried out in our school and the track events needed to be carried out somewhere else. The AAC field is huge and very clean, but I find it scary because the tracks are wide and seems so far from one point to another.
Today I took part in the 800 meters and 400 meters race, plus a 4x100 race with my best friend Amanda and my new found-friends and teammates Kelly Ngo and Karen Chong. They're quite nice in person. The first event of the day was 800 meters and I competed with Amanda and Wendy Chua, only to land on third place, which was good enough for me because I was dead nervous at the starting line and all I wanted was for this race to end as quickly as possible. I got sixth place at the 400 meters race, which was quite a disapointment to me because I was expecting to get another medal. My team finished in fourth place for the relay event, thanks to Amanda who helped speed up everything.
Before this day came, I thought I would be able to get all three medals but now, reflecting back to this morning, I'm no super athlete. But there's always a next time, right?
I'm disapointed that Red House is not the champion this year, instead it was Yellow House which climbed from third place to champion. There are four houses (teams), Red House, Yellow House, Blue House and Green House. At the begining during the field events, Green House was at the top. Today, it dropped to third place. There are a lot of good runners at Yellow House, so some people were already expecting it to get the champion title anyway.
For the previous five years, Red House was the champion from the start to the finish, always. I was disapointed that we were not the champion house anymore. I know it's alright to give chances to others but no one would purposely make themselves lose to others,right? I could conclude that we lack of training/practice. I never practiced running 800 and 400 meters this year. Well, this goes to the Red House teacher's responsibility.
But this game is finally over, I guess I'll have to look forward to the next track events competition, or a marathon hopefully. I haven't ran any marathons this year because of my pneumonia. Darn. I'm looking forward to one!

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