Monday, 16 April 2012

B'day Stuff

Now, I'm just gonna post pictures of my birthday gifts from my awesome friends who spent lots of efforts in getting me a birthday gift and cards. 
My first two gifts two weeks ago on a Saturday from Wiagil and Vanessa.

Well, Wiagil gave me a photo album and an ICON NAVY pencil case which is quite huge anyway. I won't be planning to use it soon but I will make use of it one day! As for the photo album, I placed tiny notes and scribbles (Some stuff that I treasure) and tiny papers from friends who wrote birthday greetings to me. 

Vanessa gave me these two magnets. I gave her a square and much more tiny magnet which had the word "You are the type of friend everyone wants to have" and in return she gave me a rectangular magnet  that says "Best friends make the good times better and the hard times easier." The other one says "For every candle you blow out, make a special wish."
She's such a nice and loyal friend! Even though I have back-stabbed her countless times a few years ago and even TOLD her what I did because I hope she would change (Honestly she didn't do anything really wrong), she never had any vengeance towards me or plotted a vendetta against me. Everyone, including me, would love tons of friends who are just like her, right?!
Natasha randomly gave me the white teddy because she often comes over to my house and told me that I have lots of plushies (I love them all!), so she decided to give me a teddy bear. Well, what can you say? I love teddy bears :) I know it sounds childish but my love for these little things is incomparable! Teehee! 

Melanie gave me the blue and white Pop Urban notebook with the pictures of the Eiffel Tower and other landmarks in Paris and Rome. 

Wen Xin told me she was too busy so she gave me a pen and highlighter as a gratitude for our friendship. Haha, really random right? But it's useful anyway!

Sonia gave me a card (On the left) and a plastic Russian doll in pink that nods her head all the time. 

Amanda gave me the blue card on the right. Among all the gifts and cards, I think I love Amanda's card the most! She told me that she heard that I might live in Singapore this September and that she would never forget me for life, until she dies. She also said that she would forever cherish the times we spent together during marathons, running practices/trainings and track competitions. I would forever cherish those times too! They were so fun-filled an awesome! Such happy memories like those warms my heart, really....Aaah...

Amril gave me this nice box with two Burberry headbands inside with some candies. The headbands were nice and comfortable to wear too! I like the grey one with a golden teddy bear that has the word 'BURBERRY'. The blue polkadots one with a bunny was nice too, but slightly smaller compared to the other one. She also wrote me a card. Her handwriting is...oh my goodness- It's just so neat and tidy! I'll post a picture of her handwriting someday! 

One of my close friends, Kristen, gave me a card as well. Too bad I haven't got a picture of it. It's small but when you open it up, it's like stick-up or post-up storybooks. 

Buffday cake!

I only managed to snap two photos of my birthday cake with the IPad. So, here it is! My chocolate blackforest cake. It's really delicious by the way, and creamyyy. Yumm! The last slice of it was eaten by me a few hours ago today anyway. Since it was only a half-kg cake (Too little to feed my appetite for cakes), my mum suggested we get another cake if this one wasn't enough! *Grin* Do you know what this means? MORE CAKES! YESHH!

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