Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ola, It's Thursday!

Hey, dear bloggers :) 
So today's Thursday, the 19th of April, and it's my best guy friend Fong's birthday. I haven't got him a gift yet anyway, I'm better at choosing gifts for girls than guys.
I was just being random around the Internet, watching videos of my favourite Youtube idols. And da ran da dum! I found out that on May 5th, Youtube stars (Jason Chen, Tiffany Alvord, David Choy, etc...) are going to perform at Sentosa, Singapore. I live in Brunei Darussalam and it's only about a two-hours flight from here :( The price for the entrance tickets is $70 Singaporean dollars. I could have, no- I would have gone to the concert if I...lived in Singapore!
Today I secretly read my friend's journal and in it she thinks that she's the smartest girl in class. Wiagil and I were like, "Say what?" 
You see, they are two types of EGO.
The first EGO, the GOOD EGO:
"Aaah, this new girl in class, I heard she's an extremely smart kid with an IQ higher than Einstein! I wonder if it's really true or not...but, oh well, I should try be friends with her. I'll also try to compete with her and maintain my number one position in class."

The second EGO, the BAD EGO:
"That new girl in class. Huh, I heard she's smart? I'm always the number one, the top student. Don't worry, I can beat her like a piece of cake! She doesn't even look like a student with lots of potentials. Honestly, I'm way better than her! It's a 'definitely'! Pft, I'm like, the smartest in the class and everyone knows that?!"

Well, I wouldn't say my friend Rina was wrong when she thinks that she's smart but this issue about her has been going on for quite a while and she's just going to get herself hated and backstabbed by everyone by thinking that she's the smartest and prettiest girl. Seriously, that's what she sort of thinks of herself. 
Well, I don't have anything else to say about her, I just hope she realizes it one day, one day soon enough. 
Yay, next Saturday there'll be a party and me and my friends will be able to have lots of fun! I'm excited! I hope it's going to be even more fun than the first party we had at Auntie Ai Lee's house last year. We walked to the beach behind her house and got stings by sand fly all over. But it was definitely fun! I hope, I really hope, that we're just going to have double the fun with Auntie Ai Lee and Kevin. I'll be able to reunite with my tuition mate Ying too! I haven't seen her except during functions or dances and performances at my school. She's from St.Johns, a school less than 500 meters away from my school. 

That's all I have to update about today! Hopefully I'll update about more stuff tomorrow since it's almost midnight and I seriously need to sleep now. Goodnight, bloggers! And thank you for reading!

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